Tamás Menczer: In Hungary, Hungarian foreign policy must be pursued

Hungary will fight for Hungarians living beyond its borders.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Remix News

On Thursday, Tamás Menczer, State Secretary for the International Representation of Hungary, gave a lecture on security policy, foreign trade, and the situation of Hungarians beyond its borders at the National University of Public Service.

Menczer delivered his remarks on the occasion of Hungarian Diplomacy Day, emphasizing that one of the main principles of Hungarian diplomacy is that “in Hungary, Hungarian foreign policy must be pursued.”

He added that due to the country’s and Hungarians’ special position in the Carpathian Basin, this task is often not as easy as it seems.

For this type of diplomacy, the state secretary stressed that two things are needed, saying, “First, we have to ask Hungarians beyond our borders before we make any decision relating to them and their cases; and second, in any situation, we must consider that which connects Hungary to other countries with Hungarian minorities, not that which separates us.”


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