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Russia, an empire of racism

Vladimir Putin is cleansing the non-Slavic populations of Russia, as mobilization among…

Grzegorz Adamczyk Grzegorz Adamczyk

UK: Head of RAF recruitment resigns as sources claim filling vacancies is hampered by diversity targets

The U.K.'s Royal Air Force (RAF) has been accused of effectively halting…

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Romania’s top court bans Hungarian-language Catholic school

The Romanian Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that the Roman Catholic School…

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Hungary proposes rules defending national minorities to Council of Europe

The Hungarian Presidency of the Council of Europe recommends the inclusion of…

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The EU wants to homogenize European cultural diversity, writes Hungarian researcher for Newsweek

The European Commission deliberately looks the other way when it comes to…

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We need a Europe of strong nations, Hungarian justice minister says

In contrast with a strong cooperation between strong member states, there is…

Dénes Albert Dénes Albert

Court should reinstate former Transylvanian bishop’s state award

There may be terrorists among migrants

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EU court rules in favor of Transylvanian bishop and politician in flag case

Macron's government seen as incapable to handle the country's security crisis

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Romanian president praises ethnic Hungarians on March 15 for first time since taking office

Pope Francis endorses Vatican's position that priests cannot bless same-sex unions

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MP for Romanian minorities is a convicted man

Adrian Merka was sentenced to one and a half years, suspended, for…

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‘Hungarian dogs go home’ – Ukrainian nationalists threaten ethnic Hungarians

Austria ups protection of synagogues nationwide in response

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Romania shocked by vintage globe in PM Orbán’s office – commentary

The compromise is based on the assumption that Supreme Court will invalidate…

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Ethnic Hungarians’ party asks EPP to take action against Romanian president’s nationalist speech

If Poland's main opposition candidate was on top of the polls, the…

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Hungarian minority gets New Year’s surprise from Ukrainian president

Putin in confusing facts, confabulating and not differentiating between victims and perpetrators

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Croatian PM irked by map of greater Hungary featured at Orbán meeting

Conservatives fear he may lobby against Hungary

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Tamás Menczer: In Hungary, Hungarian foreign policy must be pursued

Will Poland and Hungary benefit from a new EU commission?

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Hungary’s minority rights demand included in NATO-Ukraine declaration

Leaked footage shows potential corruption.

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Romanian senate votes down Hungarian education proposal

Czechia celebrates Japan's new emperor in style.

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Transylvanian monk receives Hungarian cultural award

Two nuclear power plants are planned in Northern and Central Poland by…

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Romania: Centenary celebrations and a harsh reality

A letter from US Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher to PM Mateusz…

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Columnist: Romania, where time has frozen

It is incomprehensible why credit rating agency Moody's left Hungary's sovereign debt…

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Romania seizes Transylvanian Reformed Church property

Spruce trees - the cheapest, most popular Christmas tree variety in Hungary…

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Romania expels French writer sympathetic to ethnic Hungarians

German chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed she won’t seek re-election in the CDU…

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