Belgium: Elderly woman suffers horrific head injury during bus scuffle with Moroccans (VIDEO)

By Robert
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Shocking video footage of a scuffle between an elderly woman and a group of Moroccan migrants on an Antwerp bus that left the woman with serious head injuries has surfaced and is currently circulating on social media.  

The minute-long clip begins with a heated verbal exchange between the elderly woman and a group of migrant bystanders. The argument quickly turns physical, pushing ensues between the parties involved, and someone yells “racist,” to which the elderly woman says: “I’m not a racist, he beats me!”

(Warning: Graphic video.)

After briefly cutting off, the video resumes again with the elderly woman shrieking as she lies on the pavement with a massive gash on her head. Meanwhile, the immigrant man recording the video from the bus shouts: “She was sent away from the bus… She offended a Moroccan and look what happens to her.”

Following the alleged attack, police and emergency services arrived at the scene. The victim was then taken to the hospital by ambulance, where she was treated for severe head injuries.

According to a report from the Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws, the suspected attacker is a 36-year-old woman who was apprehended, questioned, and subsequently released following the incident. The investigation against the alleged perpetrator, who’s believed to have pushed the elderly woman off of the bus as she was exiting, is ongoing.

Officer Willem Migom, the spokesperson for the Antwerp police zone, commented on the incident, saying:  “We already received the video footage last night, and it’s a cut version of what happened. In such incidents, it is not immediately clear who did what. That is why we are conducting an investigation, including the use of all images.”

In the past several years, migrant attacks against the elderly have become all too common in Europe. A few months ago, an Afghan migrant seriously injured an elderly man who rushed in to help a female gardener who the migrant had also attacked while she had been working in one of Berlin’s parks. The incident saw the 29-year-old Afghan first stab the 58-year-old gardener several times in her neck, critically injuring her in the process, before going on to attack a 66-year-old man who tried to help her.

In October of 2020,  an elderly man riding a tram in Reims, in northern France, was attacked by a young African man after he allegedly asked that the young man wear a face mask. The attack was recorded by a commuter and uploaded to social media.

Months earlier, a Moroccan migrant convicted of attacking and robbing at least seven elderly women in cities along Belgium’s coastline had his prison sentence halved from four years to just two years.

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