Polish gas company defeats Russia's Gazprom in court over gas prices, can now buy gas at market rates

Polish oil and gas mining company wins major victory against Russia's biggest oil company

Coronavirus: Hungarian military assumes command of 51 hospitals, 84 companies

The Hungarian government is looking to ensure smooth operations during the coronavirus outbreak

Hungary extends emergency rule, prepares sweeping economic package

The country plans to spend €626 million to fight the pandemic

Famed Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki passes away at 86

Poland lost one of its great artists

Germany: Proportion of crimes committed by migrants surges according to police data

German crime statistics show that migrants are committing a growing proportion of crime

Czech officials expect second epidemic wave as number of coronavirus cases increases

Officials expect five times more infected people

PM Orbán posts football-themed video to encourage Hungarians during coronavirus outbreak

PM Orbán says, "We all are of the same blood"

Coronavirus: Czechia's stimulus package is the third largest in Europe

Czechia allocates 18% of its GDP to support the economy as crisis wreaks havoc across globe

Czech PM Babiš urges Trump to introduce mandatory face masks

Try tackling coronavirus the Czech way, advises PM Babiš

Germany blocked our medical supplies for coronavirus for 2 weeks, says Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz

"Once the coronavirus pandemic is over, we will have to start a discussion on our relations," Chancellor Kurz said

Will China compensate American losses due to the coronavirus pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic has heated the Sino-American conflict and events are pushing towards a confrontation between Beijing and Washington, writes Grzegorz Górny.

Major Polish opposition candidate suspends presidential campaign, calls on voters to boycott election

Civic Platform (PO) presidential candidate Małogrzata Kidawa-Błońska suspends her campaign and calls voters to boycott elections

3 out of 4 Hungarians satisfied with government's coronavirus response

A new survey also shows 90 percent of Hungarians say emergency rule must remain

ECDC played down coronavirus pandemic for weeks

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) produced a coronavirus risk assessment that was inaccurate

EU's €37 billion coronavirus aid package is a hoax: Hungarian MEP

EU has offered no new funds