Startups in the V4 could change the world

V4 countries are becoming known for their startups.

Czech company finds success with phone for the blind

Czech company's phone for blind people succeeds in the US.

Czechs view climate strikes as pointless

Czechs are not convinced about the climate strikes effect.

Prague police want to use facial recognition

Introducing facial recognition in Prague sparks controversy.

Czech PM rebukes Russia, says Crimea and Donbas belong to Ukraine

Czech-Ukrainian relations experience a revival.

Sexual harassment scandal hits Budapest theater

#MeToo in Hungary?

Donald Tusk only candidate for president of European People's Party

Donald Tusk can't lose.

Hungarian justice minister on the rule of law

Rule of law has no objective criteria.

Hungary misses Euro 2020 after loss to Wales

League of Nations offers another small chance.

How Neflix's 'The Witcher' will differ from the books

The first season of Netflix show based on Polish author’s work is coming.

Czechia's gastronomic revolution

The fall of communism brought a gastronomic revolution.

Hong Kong protests: Czech TV crew flees tear gas and projectiles in wild video

The footage shows a tense atmosphere on Hong Kong's campus.

Tech giants Facebook and Google face tough Czech digital tax

Tech giants to be subject to a 7-percent tax.

V4 states must avoid ideology

Heads of V4 Parliaments agree to fight against ideology.

EU council and parliament agree on 2020 budget

Actual spending of €153.6 billion next year.