New signatures added to US officers' open letter warning of end to constitutional republic

The Biden administration has launched a "full-blown assault on our Constitutional rights in a dictatorial manner", reads the letter

Destroyed by the Nazis in WWII, Poland has new plans to rebuild the Saxon Palace in Warsaw

A plan to rebuild the palace destroyed by Germans during WWII was introduced during the presentation of the Polish Deal

Hungary to build vaccine plant to supply country and region

The plant is expected to become operational at the end of 2022

Zemmour: France is in a struggle for survival against the Great Replacement

"I think the anguish felt over the end of France as it was, the anguish of the Great Replacement, has become a global feeling"

'A society that does not welcome life stops living' — Pope Francis warns against Italy's 'demographic winter'

The pope called for change and accountability

Sweden agrees with Denmark that parts of Syria are now safe enough to reject asylum seekers

Denmark is no longer alone in its approach to Syrian refugees

Italy: Judge throws out migrant 'kidnapping' case against Matteo Salvini

Salvini scores a major victory in his legal battles

New law proposal would allow children to change their gender and promote LGBT rights in Czechia

The strategy would allow adolescents to change their gender

Prague Castle raises Israeli flag in support of Czechia's Middle East ally

Foreign Minister Jakub Kulhánek also sided with Israel

Robert Lewandowski matches legendary goal record in Bundesliga

With his 40th goal in this season of the German Bundesliga, the Polish football star has equalled the legendary Gerd Mueller from the 1971/1972 season

Poland's conservative government launches 'Polish Deal' to achieve comparable living standards with the West

According to Law and Justice politicians, the first draft of the bills associated with the Polish Deal will be presented at upcoming parliament sessions

John Paul II’s bloodied cassock is on display in Kraków

The cassock, which the former Polish pope wore during the assassination attempt on his life, still bears the bloodstains from that fateful day

Deportation of 'working-class enemies' began 70 years ago in communist Hungary

Aristocrats, high-ranking officers, and industrialists lived in squalor for two years

British pubs and restaurants open today, but the entire industry already paid a heavy toll

Almost 10 percent of restaurants failed during the coronavirus pandemic

Denmark: Former minister asks Syrian asylum seekers to pack their things, go home, and begin rebuilding their own homeland

Denmark is the first EU country to say parts of Syria are safe enough for refugees to return home