Austria: Antifa demonstrators try to block deportation of migrant criminals, including rapists

Among the rejected asylum seekers were several criminals, including those convicted or rape, armed robbery, and other serious crimes

Macron tries to silence non-conformist media in France, but French MSM only worries about lack of media pluralism in Hungary

Papers critical of mass immigration, unrestricted abortion, oppressive EU policies, and Macron's government are being threatened with bankruptcy, writes Olivier Bault

Romania refuses to change course on political prisoners

Two Hungarian minority rights activists were convicted in Romania under questionable terrorism charges, and Romanian government opposition to Viktor Orbán may be why they didn't have a fair trial, writes Daniel Deme

Over 900,000 Poles have filed for UK settled status

Poles comprise the largest group out of the 5 million applications filed by citizens of authorized countries under the British EU Settlement Scheme

The map of Europe's nuclear energy

Is Poland too late to the nuclear power party?

Kaczyński: Anyone who tries to break up the United Right is working against Poland, Polish families and values

Law and Justice (PiS) leader Jarosław Kaczyński believes Poland has a great opportunity to push the country forward thanks to the money from the EU recovery fund

Half of asylum seekers enter Germany without ID

Compared to 2019, the number has slightly increased

Bavarian companies struggle with lack of Czech workers, some reduce operations

Commuters give up their jobs at Bavarian companies

Czech government mulls banning movement between districts and further COVID-19 measures

The epidemic situation continues to worsen

France to provide Czechia with 100,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine

The vaccines will arrive in mid-March

Prague court launches case against Iraqi who left Czechia to fight for Islamic State

The defendant engaged in attacks on the Iraqi army

PM Orbán warns of approaching, worst infection wave

"We are in a race against time"

Brussels warns six EU members, including Hungary and Germany, to end border restrictions

Meanwhile, coronavirus trend remains a concern

130,000 Hungarians have applied for post-Brexit UK residence

Poles and Romanians lead in the number of applications

Estonia, Hungary celebrate 100 years of friendship

Although often mired in different historical constraints, Hungary and Estonia have always had a special bond, not least due to the Finno-Ugric language connecting them, Kristi Karelsohn, Estonian ambassador to Hungary wrote in an article in daily Magyar Nemzet