Corruption perception index: Czech Republic has improved

editor: REMIX NEWS

In the CPI compiled every year since 1995, the countries are ranked according to the perception of corruption in both the public and business sectors, using a scale of 0-100. A score of 100 points indicates a country with almost zero corruption, and 0 points means a high level of corruption.

According to Czech PM Andrej Babis, the result is good but the Czech Republic should have moved much higher. “We have no corrupt cases since our movement entered the government. I think we have made the Czech Republic more transparent than ever before,” Babis said.

The Czech Republic has confirmed a slightly increasing trend: just like last year, it improved by two points and jumped from 42nd place to 38th place. Of the 100 possible points, the Czech Republic has 59, the same as Cyprus and Lithuania. The EU average is 65 points.

The number of countries changes every year. This year’s total of 180 countries was rated, while the Nordic countries continue to take the leading positions. After a year’s break, Denmark returned to first place (88 points last year), overtaking New Zealand (87 points) which lost two points compared to last year.

Compared to the member states of the European Union, the Czech Republic moved to 16th position. Visegrad countries are stagnating (Slovakia with 50 points, Poland with 60), Hungary (46 points) has improved by only one point compared to last year.


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