Opinion: The West’s response to Navalny’s poisoning is an important test for us all

Are Russian intelligence services attempting to uncover the West’s weakness through the issue of Navalny’s attempted murder?

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Jerzy Haszczyński

The reaction to the attempt to murder the most important Russian opposition activist will determine how not only the Kremlin, but the rest of the world will treat the West.

If we stop at outrage, we will show how weak we are and encourage further attempts.

The German government knows this for certain and has informed the world about it. Poison was administered to Putin’s most influential opponent, Alexei Navalny.

This was also a chemical weapon called Novichok from a group of murderous substances. It cannot be purchased in a weapon store or a poison store. Whoever used it has huge backing and talent on their side.

And it was used in Russia, against a man who has angered the government due to pointing out its abuses. And he is supported by the middle class in Russia. Anyone can finish this line of thought and its consequences.

Germany has no doubts that this was an attempt to silence the Kremlin’s greatest critic. Navalny is in a hospital and has been professionally examined.

The angered German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is currently demanding explanations from the Russian Government because “only it” can explain “this.” The allusion is clear.


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