A sharp exchange of views at the EU summit

The Czech Republic could be under certain circumstances expelled from Schengen, said Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel at the EU summit. It is an absurd threat, his Czech counterpart Andrej Babiš said.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Michel believes that countries which show no solidarity regarding migrants’ redistribution may be expelled from the Schengen area if their attitude is not going to change. He specifically addressed his words to the Czech Republic and the rest of the Visegrad group.

According to Czech PM Babiš, it is absurd to threat V4 countries like that. It probably is a result of a current governmental crisis in Belgium, he glossed. There is no legal base for expulsion from Schengen, he added.

Michel claimed that the PM of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel and French President Emmanuel Macron share his views. Both Michel and Bettel are members of the same European group as Babiš. And Macron is expected to join ALDE after the European elections as well.

Moreover, Babiš has called Bettel a friend several times and repeated it again during a press conference after the summit in Brussels. In reaction to Michel’s words, Babiš only said that their views on this matter diverge.


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