Top EU court raises Soros-backed NGOs above the law with latest ruling against Hungary

The EU court penalized Hungary for its anti-immigration stance

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Magyar Hírlap
Fidesz MEP Balázs Hidvéghi. (source: European Parliament)

Despite the ruling of the European Court of Justice to the contrary, the Hungarian government’s position on the issue of immigration remains unchanged: illegal migration must be stopped and the organizations that facilitate it must be opposed, Fidesz MEP Balázs Hidvéghi said in a video posted on Facebook on Wednesday.

According to Hidvéghi, with this astonishing judgment, the European Court has now practically raised the Soros organizations that manage illegal migration above the law, thus indirectly trying to persuade Hungary to accept human trafficking.

“Let’s make it clear: the ‘Stop Soros law’ was hindering the supporters of immigration and that’s why it has been stricken down. Brussels did not give up its plans to allow illegal immigration and support the organizations managing it,” Hidvéghi said.

He added that the verdict, like previous judgments, will be implemented in Hungary however, he stated that as long as there is a national government in Hungary, the government’s position remains unchanged: illegal migration must be stopped, and they also reserve the right to act on foreign-funded, Soros-backed organizations belonging to the network that organize illegal migration.

As Remix News reported earlier, the European Court of Justice ruled on Nov. 16 that the so-called “Stop Soros” law passed by Hungary in 2018 was not lawful.

“By criminalizing organizing activities in relation to the initiation of a procedure for international protection by persons not fulfilling the national criteria for granting that protection, Hungary infringed EU law,” read the ruling.

The Hungarian Parliament passed the so-called “Stop Soros” law in 2018, raising a levy on foreign funding of NGOs and making support of illegal immigration punishable.

On Tuesday, Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga said that “we will continue to protect Europe regardless of what the Brussels bubble says.”

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