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Polish justice minister accuses top EU court of political bias and violating EU treaties

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) on Monday ruled that Poland’s reform…

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‘No surprises’ – Top EU court expected to rule against Hungary and Poland tomorrow

This week will be an important week, with the European Court of…

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EU court’s power grab is subverting democracy and national sovereignty, according to legal expert

There are signs of growing resistance against the EU's relentless takeover of…

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German left-liberal newspaper: EU is ‘bursting with arrogance’ in its dealings with Hungary and Poland

One of Germany's biggest left-leaning newspapers, Der Freitag, has run a number…

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Revealed: Corruption links among top EU officials within the Brussels deep state

According to revelations made in the French newspaper Libération, the fraud and…

Olivier Bault Olivier Bault

PM Orbán: National and cultural identity is a human right

In the latest edition of his so-called "Samizdat" series (a genre referring…

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Blow to Hungary and Poland after top EU lawyer backs rule-of-law sanctions

The European Court of Justice signaled yesterday that it is willing to…

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‘Fortress Hungary’ still stands, Hungary’s justice minister tells German paper

Despite the ruling of the European Court of Justice on Hungary's so-called…

Dénes Albert Dénes Albert

After EU court rejects ‘Stop Soros’ law, what comes next?

As Remix News reported earlier, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has…

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Top EU court raises Soros-backed NGOs above the law with latest ruling against Hungary

Despite the ruling of the European Court of Justice to the contrary,…

Dénes Albert Dénes Albert

Romania becomes latest country to rebel against the EU’s top court

Massive hacker attack targets government officials across Poland

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European Commission sues Czechia and Poland over foreigners’ voting rights

Management of the college in question has distanced itself from the move

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Czech company sues the European Commission over blocked subsidies

The city has set up a special line to help families reunite

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Czechia to sue Poland over Turów mine

The mayor of Lyon claims the banning of meat was related to…

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Hungary reportedly defying EU court ruling, continues to deport migrants to Serbia

New measure does not take much account of Czech commuters

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EU sues Austria over child benefits for foreign workers

“Our position is clear: The European Union must make every effort to…

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Top Czech politicians call ECJ ruling on migrant quotas irrelevant, unimportant

The rescue ship is currently the only one in the area

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Tesco challenges Hungary’s previous extra taxes, demands reimbursement

450 immigrants arrive in Germany every single day

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