Polish PM declares staunch support for Ukraine, expresses worry about German support for Russia

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
2 Min Read

In an entry on social media, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has reiterated his support for Ukraine, and pointed the finger at Germany.

The Polish leader admitted that he was “observing the situation surrounding Ukraine and the response of our neighbors from Germany in face of the Russian threat with concern.”

“The suspension of German permission for arms deliveries from Estonia for a state which is preparing to defend against an invader is a huge disappointment,” he emphasized.

The Polish prime minister explained that a worst-case scenario against which Poland had warned was being realized: the construction of Nord Stream 2, Russian gas blackmail, billions invested into Europe by Putin and into former politicians and lobbyists have given the Russian president tools to “terrorize” European states.

He also declared Poland’s unwavering support for Ukraine’s integrity and integration with the West.

“For many years, Poland has been decisive in its support for the Ukrainian road to integration with Europe and the West. We consistently oppose the acts of aggression carried out by Russia, such as the illegal occupation of Crimea. Our voice is on the side of our neighbors from Kiev. We are on the side of Ukrainian freedom, democracy, security and the right of Ukrainians to sovereignly decide about their nation,” Morawiecki stressed.

The prime minister added that Poland was also on the side of peace and that no economic and energy interests of any European country should be used as a reason for aggression against Ukraine.

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