Wave of attacks and threats against Poland’s main conservative party

In the last month, PiS offices and politicians have been threatened with violence and their offices attacked

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: tvp.info
PiS MEP Witold Waszczykowski's office in the city of Łódź was sprayed with a paint. (Source: Twitter/Waszczykowski)

Poland saw a wave of attacks against offices of Law and Justice (PiS) politicians in recent days.

MP Monika Pawłowska stated that on Wednesday, an unidentified man attacked her constituency office in Włodawa, a town located in the eastern part of the country near the borders with Belarus and Ukraine. According to Pawłowska, the intruder threatened to kill an employee at the office.

The attacker “broke into my MP office in Włodawa and made death threats against my employee,” Pawłowska wrote on Twitter. She added that the attacker yelled out that “the office will be destroyed” and that “he will drown the employee in a cesspool, where she will die.”

The woman who is working at the MP office already reported the crime to the police

“I am not even able to comment on this situation. There are simply no words that can describe what I or my family, co-workers feel. Fortunately, no one got hurt — this time,” Pawłowska wrote. The suspect was detained by police the following day.

However, there have been similar troubling incidents targeting the party in recent days. On Tuesday afternoon, a 20-year-old man tried to break into PiS headquarters on Nowogrodzka Street in Warsaw.

When he entered the building, he started threatening the security guard and kicked the door. “Call Kaczyński because I am going to kill you,” the man yelled. The individual was detained by the police after security guards reported the incident. The TVP.info news portal also published footage from a camera placed at the entrance to the building.

A PiS MEP said that his office in Łódź was also attacked this month. The front of the office was sprayed with paint.

Similarly, another PiS MEP, Dominik Tarczyński, also reported that his office in Kielce was attacked by an aggressive man who threatened one of his assistants.

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