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Most Poles against Russians and Belarusians taking part in Paris Olympics

As many as 72.6 percent of Poles believe Russians and Belarusians should not be allowed to compete during the Summer Olympic Games in Paris in 2024, according to a poll by the Institute for Economic and Social Research (IBRIS) for Rzeczpospolita daily. Currently, the International Olympic Committee is considering the admission of athletes from both […]
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1 YEAR AGOChampions League immigration Migrant crisis Paris France News

Terms like ‘young people’ and ‘sensitive neighborhoods’ are coded Soviet-style language used to disguise reality, says sociologist Bock-Côté about violent riots in Paris

Terms like “young people,” “sensitive neighborhood” and even “knife attack” are all euphemisms used by the media and government to lie to people, said Canadian sociologist and philosopher Mathieu Bock-Côté

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