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Survey: Poles don’t want to pay higher taxes to ‘save the climate’

United Surveys carried out a survey for RMF FM radio and Dziennik Gazeta Prawna paper meant to gauge the response of Poles concerning paying higher energy bills in the name of fighting climate change. Only 33 percent of respondents stated that they would be able to bear the higher costs. Interestingly, the division between government […]
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Czech Republic Emmanuel Macron France taxes Yellow Vests Commentary
3 YEARS AGOCzech Republic Emmanuel Macron France taxes Yellow Vests Commentary

Citizen debates will not resolve Macron’s problems

No wonder the Yellow Vests movement is skeptical about the debate. All the topics for the so-called citizens’ consultations were decided by the government, which also admitted that the conclusions will not be followed through. So, why even bother with such games in democracy?

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