Commentary Visa

Record number of tourists apply for Czech visas

Since the beginning of this year, more than 400,000 foreigners have applied for a Czech visa. The Czech Republic now ranks among the most popular destinations in the European Union.
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Eastern EU members give lesson in economic growth

For the first time since 2016, economic growth has slowed in western Europe, but Romania, Hungary and Poland have shown how a job boom and government spending have helped their economies withstand the harsh times that sent the economy of Germany and the UK into contraction.
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PM Orbán and Chancellor Merkel remember first crack in the Iron Curtain

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán jointly commemorated the 30th anniversary of a mass breach of the border by then citizens of East Germany fleeing to Austria, an event that later turned out to be a key moment in the process of dismantling both the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain dividing Eastern and Western Europe.
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Hungary commemorates first crack in Iron Curtain

Hungary celebrates the 30th anniversary of a mass breach of the border by then citizens of East Germany fleeing to Austria, an event that later turned out to be a key moment in the process of dismantling both the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain dividing Eastern and Western Europe.
Commentary Culture

Unitarian Church of Transylvania founder Ferenc Dávid gets statue in Kolozsvár

A statue of Ferenc Dávid, the founder of the Unitarian Church of Transylvania was unveiled on Saturday in Kolozsvár (Cluj, Romania), news portal reports.
Commentary Walęsa

Wałęsa’s bizarre photos

Lech Walęsa posted several unusual photos of his summer vacation on his official Facebook account, much to the amusement of Polish internauts.
Commentary Army

Polish company to produce Patriot modules for missile defense system

The Polish Military Industrial Electronic Company (WZE) has signed an agreement with American Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems to produce one of the modules for the Patriot Missile Defense System.

Kaczyński: Courts are under the influence of LGBT ideology

“The courts are completely under the influence of LGBT ideology,” PiS leader Jarosław Kaczyński told a supporter during one of his party’s family picnics. He claimed that if it were up to him, the issue of pride parades would be “clear”.
Commentary Farming

Czech farmers reject UN proposal to reduce livestock numbers

Czech farmers have rejected a campaign which claims that pig and cattle are significant greenhouse gas producers participating in global warming. The farmers reacted negatively to the recently published UN report on agriculture’s contribution to carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane production.
Commentary Liberalism

The dawn of liberalism

Following Viktor Orbán’s speech at the Tusványos summer camp in Transylvania on Saturday, Hungarian opposition parties reacted with boilerplate statements that are of little consequence, so international reactions are more meaningful in assessing its impact, Magyar Hírlap columnist Mariann Őry writes.
Commentary Maccabi Games

15th European Maccabi Games begin in Budapest

The 15th European Maccabi Games – a Jewish multi-sports event held every four years – began in Budapest on Monday.
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Is the left really progressive?

Leftist political organizations have long since made the word progressive their exclusive domain, but maybe it is time to reclaim the word, political analyst Tamás Fricz said in a column for conservative daily Magyar Nemzet.
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Opinion: What are the Germans afraid of?

Given the recent possibility of withdrawal of US troops from Germany, there might be a change in the dynamics of Polish-German relations, writes Marek A. Cichocki.
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Political fight intensifies in Poland

By accusing Law and Justice (PiS) of being scared through the media, the opposition is carrying over its own political insecurities onto others, writes Michał Karnowski.
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Poland applies for EU drought aid

Minister of Agriculture Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski has announced that Poland applied to the European Commission for the activation of a special aid due to droughts plaguing the country.
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Szatkowski: Fort Trump is a network of smaller US bases in Poland

By calling the initiative to introduce permanent US military presence in Poland “Fort Trump”, there was the risk of associating the project with only one political option in the United States, said Polish ambassador to NATO Tomasz Szatkowski.
Commentary PiS

Opinion: PiS retains its political instinct

Despite the controversy surrounding former Speaker of the Sejm Marek Kuchciński’s flights, extrapolated by the opposition and the media, PiS managed to keep its political instinct, writes Tadeusz Hatalski.
Commentary Politics

What is behind Kukiz’s deal with PSL?

Łukasz Rzepecki of Kukiz’15 explains the reasons why Paweł Kukiz signed an election program agreement between his group and the Polish peasant party (PSL).
Commentary Sziget

Umbrella Man climbs Ferris wheel at Sziget Festival

Hungary’s mysterious Umbrella Man – clad in a black tuxedo, wearing a black face mask and a top hat and his trademark black umbrella – has made another appearance, this time on top of the 65-meter-high Ferris wheel temporarily installed at the Sziget Festival in Budapest.
Commentary Russia

Russian groups demand fine against Putin’s bike stunt

Several Russian groups have reported President Vladimir Putin to police, demanding that he should be fined for not wearing a helmet during his weekend publicity stunt at a bike festival in Crimea.
Commentary Romania

Romania erects statue to remember general who occupied Budapest

One of the Romanian generals who occupied Budapest one hundred years ago, Gheorghe Mărdărescu has received a statue in Kolozsvár (Cluj in Romanian).
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Sarajevo brewery conquers Chinese market

The Sarajevska Pivara, a brewery in the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina is now delivering its most popular Sarajevsko beer to China.
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Archbishop Jędraszewski: A new plague has arrived, not red but rainbow

A recent homily by Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski has stirred controversy. In the opinion of Jakub Maciejewski, the archbishop called for a defense of traditional values and it is up to Poles to heed that call.
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YouTube bans Polish conservative channels

“We are being treated like neo-colonial space,” Rafał Ziemkiewicz said, referring to the blocking of Polish conservative channels and wRealu24 on YouTube.
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Four years of success for President Duda

Poles overwhelmingly trust President Andrzej Duda, whose fourth year as leader has just passed. During his time in office, Duda has had several successes on both the domestic and international arenas.