Revolt against a degenerate elite

Political elites have lost the ability to perceive the interests and problems of society. They have lost their ability to lead.

Hungary remembers first post-Communist Prime Minister

Prime Minister József Antall "did what he could and what he did was no small thing", Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at a conference commemorating 25 years since the death of the country's first post-Communist head of government.

Western Alliance in Romania already under attack

The so-called "Western Alliance" of four Romanian cities has barely been established, but is already under attack for "separatism", Pesti Srácok columnist László Szentgyörgyi writes.

Hungarian army receives locally assembled firearms

The Hungarian Armed Forces received the first batch of firearms assembled in the country under Czech license, national agency MTI reports

Romania and Bulgaria to join Schengen area

The European Parliament called on the European Commission to accept Bulgaria and Romania into the Schengen area.

Who wants "yellow jackets" to riot on Polish streets?

A liberal MEP has threatened that the rise in electricity prices in Poland will lead to a “yellow jackets” movement in the country. Her view has been shot down in flames by a prominent ruling party MP.

Baltic Pipe construction another step nearer

Poland and Denmark signed a key agreement for constructing the "Baltic Pipe" gas project. Polish “Gaz-system” will be the operator and owner of certain elements of the project which are run outside the territory of Poland.

Timmermans is creating conflicts, says Czarnecki

Ryszard Czarnecki, a senior MEP of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) which is part of the European Conservative Reformers in the EP has criticized the EC’s VP Frans Timmermans for his behavior over Polish judicial reforms. In an interview for he accuses the EC official of attempting to push Poland around.

Poland educating doctors for export

Doctors educated in Poland are an asset for western healthcare systems, says conservative Catholic daily “Nasz Dziennik”. Polish taxpayers are not getting value for money.
Commentary Babiš defends Hungary

Babiš movement defends Hungary

The government is to discuss the decision of the Czech Foreign Ministry to take away top priority status from the Czech Embassy in Hungary. Senior ANO movement's ministers are set to refuse the proposal at today's meeting.
Commentary Protection of women

A quarrel in the Czech Church over the Istanbul Convention

Dominik Duka, the Archbishop of Prague and a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, criticized the professor and priest Tomáš Halík. The primary cause is differing views of the Istanbul Convention and the concept of gender.
Commentary UN supports migration

The Migration Pact helps illegal migrants

The recently approved Migration Pact is written in naive language and comes from a time when it was repeated that the wave of migrants heading to Europe were people fleeing war and oppression. It looks as if it was written by a union organization of migrants.
Commentary Murder in Austria

Dangerous young Afghans in Austria

Some Afghan refugees are dangerous, the Austrian police admit.

Václav Klaus receives Hungarian freedom award

Former Czech President Václav Klaus has received this year's Petőfi award in Hungary, conservative news portal Pesti Srácok reports.

FRA report finds lower anti-semitism in Hungary

Anti-semitism has been lessening in Hungary, a recent survey of the European Union's Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) found.

Brazil to leave UN migration pact, says foreign minister

Brazil will leave the UN Migration Pact once president-elect Jair Bolsonaro assumes office, foreign minister designate Ernesto Araújo said in a Twitter message.

Joanna Kulig on verge of Hollywood breakthrough

Kulig, one of the candidates for an Oscar for her role in “Cold War” is mooted to be high on the lists of top Hollywood agents, reports Polish gossip portal

Hungarian OTP Bank group leads regional acquisitions

With five purchases or fusions since 2015, the Hungarian OTP Bank group is leader in the region, news portal Origo reports.

Polish flag on Mars

NASA has published photographs from Mars taken by the “Insight” probe. Some of them feature a Polish flag, among several others, on the outside of the landing craft on “Mars Insight".

PiS with huge lead in opinion poll

According to the latest opinion poll the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) received nearly twice the number of votes to the nearest opposition party. It seems that the main opposition party’s (PO) marginalization of its smaller ally “Nowoczesna” is making no difference to its ratings.
EU research

Germany has highest number of anti-semitic attacks in EU

The EU’s FRA research shows that anti-semitic attacks are on the rise and the highest number is in Germany.

The Balkans in the EU is in our interest

Czech PM Andrej Babiš (ANO) hopes that the EU will intensify its accession negotiations with Serbia, he said after meeting his Serbian counterpart Ana Brnabic, and added that the Balkans' EU integration is in the interest of the Czech Republic.

Unemployment in the Czech Republic is the lowest since 1997

The Czech Republic's unemployment rate stayed at 2.8 percent in November, with 215,010 job seekers which is the lowest number since June 1997, the Employment Office said yesterday.

Most Czechs against same-sex marriage

With no clear result, politicians began the discussions on possible marriages of same-sex couples in mid-November. According to a survey for Prima TV, however, most Czechs want the marriage institutions to be left only for the bond of man and woman.

France is rushing into disaster

President Emmanuel Macron was elected in May 2017 and in less than a year and a half has lost voter confidence and political legitimacy. It is also remarkable that he is one of the last European leaders to support the European Union as it is.