After Michel Houellebecq says native French people ‘do not wish Muslims to assimilate’ but to instead leave the country, the Great Mosque of Paris files complaint

By John Cody
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The Great Mosque of Paris has filed a complaint against Michel Houellebecq, considered France’s greatest living author, after he said that the native French population does not wish for Muslims to assimilate but to “stop stealing from them and attacking them” or, if the Muslim population cannot manage that, then they should simply leave France.

Houellebecq made the remarks during an explosive interview in November, in which he and philosopher Michel Onfray discussed a wide-range of topics, including the Great Replacement, Islam, God, the European Union, euthanasia, and the future of France.

“The wish of the native French population, as they say, is not that Muslims assimilate, but that they stop stealing from them and attacking them — or else, another solution, that they go,” Houellebecq said.

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Houellebecq also spoke of a coming civil war due to the spread of Islam in France.

“When entire territories are under Islamist control, I think acts of resistance will take place. There will be attacks and shootings in mosques,” Houellebecq told Onfray. He then went on to add that he predicts “reverse Bataclans” — a reference to the Islamists who killed over 100 French people in the Bataclan nightclub in Paris.

Onfray replied: “You think the civil war is coming, I think it’s already here, quietly.”

The groundbreaking interview, which was published in November in a special edition of Front Populaire magazine, was 45 pages long,

Great Mosque of Paris complaint

Chems-Eddine Hafiz, the rector of the Great Mosque of Paris, appeared last week on BFMTV, and urged for Houellebecq to be prosecuted for his comments and labeled them “dangerous.”

“That he amalgamates terrorism with Islam, I find that unacceptable.” said Hafiz.

The Grand Mosque of Paris announced on Wednesday last week that it would file a complaint against the writer.

Houllbecuq has been prosecuted for “racial inclement” in 2001 for saying, “And the most stupid religion of all is Islam.” He won the case on appeal.

However, the November interview ranks among the most controversial of his long and rather controversial career, and some argue, marks a turning point in France’s contemporary, cultural history.

During the interview, he discussed the Great Replacement, which describes how Europeans are being replaced by non-Europeans, resulting in demographic displacement in their native countries.

“The Great Replacement, I was shocked it’s called a theory. It’s not a theory, it’s a fact,” said Houellebecq. “When it comes to immigration, nobody controls anything, that’s the whole problem. Europe will be swept away by this cataclysm.”

“It’s objectively what the figures say,” added Onfray, who said he thinks that the decline of the West is primarily a demographic decline

In all major Western countries, the share of White Europeans is falling. Whites are expected to become a minority first in the United States, and later in countries such as Great Britain, Germany, France, Norway, and Sweden.

The topic of the Great Replacement has been widely discussed in France on major networks and some of the country’s top publications. Polling shows the vast majority of French people are concerned about the Great Replacement and believe that mass migration presents a security threat.

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