Kaczyński: Non-vaccinated people can expect restrictions

The Polish government does not exclude the possibility of imposing restrictions on people who refuse to get vaccinated

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: niezalezna.pl

The leader of Law and Justice (PiS) and deputy PM responsible for state security Jarosław Kaczyński recently discussed the vaccination process in Poland, as well as the situation concerning Poles who refuse to get a vaccine.

Kaczyński assured that, having gotten two jabs, vaccinations are safe and painless, and he did not suffer any side effects. He emphasized that the refusal to get vaccinated did not stem from the issue of a person’s freedom.

“This is pure egoism. The boundary of freedom is the rights of other people. The health and lives of others cannot be put at risk,” he said.

Kaczyński stressed that the state has a responsibility to do everything in its power to ensure the highest level of security against the coronavirus pandemic. He added that, in this situation, one could not be guided by fear of alienating a group of voters and instead should be guided by what is good for the people.

The leader of PiS stated that Poland must reach herd immunity due to the rise in new coronavirus variants. Measures to encourage vaccinations as well as more rigorous steps must be taken.

“Unvaccinated people can expect restrictions. The state must do everything to protect its citizens from the pandemic. We cannot give in to those who have a problem with properly analyzing the situation and an insufficient level of empathy. Politicians must take responsibility for difficult decisions and bear their risks,” he said, noting that Poland currently has resources to vaccinate 5 million people within a week.

Kaczyński also supported the notion proposed by Polish People’s Party (PSL) leader Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz for all party leaders and the president to hold a joint action concerning the health situation of Poles. What’s more, he said that a joint agreement between all parties concerning action in fighting the pandemic should be signed.

Jarosław Kaczyński also referred to the recent attacks against vaccination points and declared that parliament must pass a bill which increases the punishment for such actions. He warned that, in his opinion, some of those attacks may be an element of hybrid warfare and the people responsible for them may be connected to Russia.

The number of Poles vaccinated with a single dose since the start of the pandemic is currently 18,605,722. There are 16,281,042 people fully vaccinated who have received two doses or a single Johnson & Johnson jab.

In total, 48.51 percent of Poles have been vaccinated with a single dose, and 42.71 percent have been fully vaccinated.

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