Outpouring of solidarity in Poland

In the face of the humanitarian crisis caused by a Russian aggression on Ukraine, Poles are living a miracle of the sort of unity they have not experienced since the days of Solidarity in the 1980s, writes Jerzy Jachowicz for portal wPolityce.pl

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: Jerzy Jachowicz

Suddenly, all the disputes have been silenced.

Instead, we have people doing pure good. It is the sort of miracle we last experienced in Poland in the days of Solidarity.

This is not the time to rake over past mistakes, and not a time for divisions between government and opposition. In the dramatic situation we are facing, when we see crimes being committed against women and children, it is a relief that the whole nation has united around our humanitarian response.

Only a few weeks ago we could not have imagined such national unity.

But today, we have people of differing political persuasions who clashed over how to handle the migration caused by Lukashenko using migrants on the Polish-Belarusian border, now standing shoulder to shoulder in delivering help to refugees.

It is amazing how reality can change so quickly.

It is a miracle. Even if that unity is still brittle, it has to start from somewhere.

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