Poland and Czechia have better relations due to their support for Ukraine, says Polish ambassador to Prague

Source: Twitter@PLinCzechia
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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The new Polish ambassador to Czechia, Mateusz Gniazdowski, said that support for Ukraine brought Poland and Czechia closer together.

Gniazdowski emphasized that Poland and Czechia are among countries most engaged in sending humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine.

“Cooperation between the two countries is very immense. It comes from a similar perception and understanding of threats,” said Gniazdowski.

The ambassador said that he will prioritize strengthening trust in Polish-Czech relations, especially in a transboundary context. “We share a long border. Many issues require a greater understanding from both sides,” said Gniazdowski, adding that he hopes that strengthening existing tools for Polish-Czech relations will lead to their improvement.

Gniazdowski said that this “good time” that defines the two countries’ relations currently needs to be used in the context of establishing working relations and building mutual trust, which were strained during the dispute over the Turów mine, which saw Poland paying millions of euros in fines for refusing to close down a coal mine near the border with Czechia.

The ambassador expressed his satisfaction that Poland and Czechia managed to come to an agreement regarding environmental matters surrounding the mine.

Ambassador Mateusz Gniazdowski presented his diplomatic credentials to President of Czechia Milosz Zeman and officially began his mission in Czechia on Wednesday.

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