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Polish elections: Law and Justice’s failure to act against LGBT/gender ideology came with a price

Unfortunately, during its eight years in government, the supposedly conservative government of…

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‘The Bible itself is on trial’ – Free speech faces new threat with trial of Christian politician in Finland

In a recent interview on Hungarian radio, Deputy Director at ADF International…

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Éric Zemmour censored in France during run-up to presidential election

An opposition columnist and journalist has been banned from broadcasting on a…

Olivier Bault Olivier Bault

14-year-old student threatens to cut off teacher’s head in France ‘as they did to Paty’

Terrorist threat level in Hungary remains unchanged despite Islamic terror attacks in…

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10-year-old Muslim children arrested in France for supporting the beheading of Samuel Paty

The gap between Muslims and other French people is growing

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Muslim groups want to change Swedish Constitution to ban mocking of Islam and other religions

Members of the EU will contribute a total of €750 million

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