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Germany: Police officer dies after Islamist stabbing in Mannheim that targeted anti-Islam politician

After an officer died from an Islamist stabbing, the mayor of Mannheim…

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Germany registers more than 500 Islamist terror threats

Islamists continue to constitute by far the biggest group of people threatening…

Karolina Klaskova Karolina Klaskova

Vienna terrorist held a jihadist meeting in July attended by radicals from abroad

Surrogacy, which in reality is the enslavement of women and a form…

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Islamist knife attack in Germany targeted Turkish AfD supporter during local elections: prosecutors

The burning of a Quran in Sweden has sparked a clash of…

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Threat of Islamic terrorism persists as Muslims trained to fight in Syria are returning to Europe

Water and food shortages will cause mass migration to Europe over the…

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How one Islamist migrant has cost German taxpayers over €5 million and counting

Czech citizens will be among those testing the vaccine

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Germany: Iraqi ISIS supporter screams ‘Allahu Akbar’ after ‘hunting’ and ramming motorcyclists on Berlin Autobahn, injuring 6 people

Rapes of both elderly women and underage girls have fueled anti-migrant sentiment…

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Radical Islam must be stopped or it will take control of France, warns French parliamentary report

A dance party turned into riots directed at German police

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Germany: Informant who tried to warn about deadly Islamic terrorist attack finally tells his story

The migrants were hiding under the chassis of a truck bound for…

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This is what ISIS is doing in Europe during the coronavirus crisis

An expert built a mathematical coronavirus model that sparked the government to…

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Boris Johnson: Rehabilitation of Islamists is not really an option

Single moms and female pensioners are the most vulnerable

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Ukrainian Islamist ‘planned a terrorist attack in Poland’

Fight or cooperate? No easy in responding to Big Tech.

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