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European Parliament has become a vehicle for left-wing ideology, says senior Polish MEP

Speaking in the European Parliament, Polish MEP Prof. Ryszard Legutko said that…

Grzegorz Adamczyk Grzegorz Adamczyk

Macron’s new education minister promoted woke social science, said France is ‘structurally racist’

In a decision that has sent ripples through the French political system,…

John Cody John Cody

Germany: Trained left-wing activists were put in TV debate to ‘finish off’ Armin Laschet

During a televised debate on German public television last week in the…

John Cody John Cody

Berlin police experience a brutal attack by leftists

In Berlin's Schöneberg district, police were the target of a fierce attack.…

Karolina Klaskova Karolina Klaskova

Should we ban those doing the banning?

The company did not please all its customers

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Prestigious French university faces accusations of racism against Whites

The European Anti-Fraud Office confirmed the investigation

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The leftist ‘successor ideology’ and its drive for power

The term caused outrage among women

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Polish leftist activist sentenced for extortion and fraud is given asylum in Norway

Netanyahu praises Orbán's 'personal friendship and long-standing commitment' to Israel

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