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Certainly a big victory for Le Pen and maybe a small victory for France

No one expected such a good result for Le Pen’s National Rally…

Olivier Bault Olivier Bault

‘I would like a mother of the French!’ — Model and politician Delphine Wespiser endorses Le Pen for presidency

French model and politician Delphine Wespiser opposed radio host Yassine Belattar on…

Marine Le Pen thanks Hungarians for their resistance against the European superstate

The leader of the French National Rally, Marine Le Pen, has summed…

John Cody John Cody

Marine Le Pen – Macron’s best guarantee to win in 2022? Commentary

After the polls at the beginning of the year showed Marine Le…

Olivier Bault Olivier Bault

France: National Rally activists savagely attacked by group of extreme-left, Antifa militants

Turkey allegedly does not accept returning migrants

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‘The suicide of Europe’ – Marine Le Pen launches campaign against EU’s new Migration Pact

40 people tried to break into the police station, with video of…

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‘We cannot go on with such immigration’ – French politician warns that 400,000 migrants are settling in France every year

PM Viktor Orban, in a 3,500-word article, addresses the goals of George…

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