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German court sentences radicalized Syrian asylum seeker to life in prison for homophobic murder

A witness to the murder said he believes Johnson was not the…

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Vienna terrorist held a jihadist meeting in July attended by radicals from abroad

Surrogacy, which in reality is the enslavement of women and a form…

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Chancellor Kurz says attacks in Vienna were ‘professionally prepared,’ Czech politicians express condolences

Social network deleted a post regarding the US border wall last week

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France: Radical Islamists threaten Charlie Hebdo magazine, force editorial board member to leave her home

EU's new migration plan will see countries receive €10,000 for accepting a…

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Switzerland: Muslim kills Portuguese man in front of kebab shop to ‘avenge the Prophet’

According to Jan Zahradil, the coronavirus epidemic serves the European Commission as…

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Threat of Islamic terrorism persists as Muslims trained to fight in Syria are returning to Europe

Water and food shortages will cause mass migration to Europe over the…

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Islamic State library: Experts find tens of thousands of documents, including instructions for attacks

"Restriction of freedom is distorting political competition "

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UK: Libyan refugee terror suspect accused of killing 3 in Reading may have been motivated by homophobia

Migration to Europe is gaining steam as coronavirus lockdowns ease, and the…

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This is what ISIS is doing in Europe during the coronavirus crisis

An expert built a mathematical coronavirus model that sparked the government to…

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‘I did it for ISIS,’ claims terrorist suspect who crushed two French police officers with BMW

Coronavirus causes largest month-by-month drop in economic confidence index

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French police shoot dead Afghan knife attacker outside Paris

Even small budget cuts might deal a mighty blow to the army

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London’s Polish hero uses narwhal tusk to take down terrorist

Gang using fire extinguishers to conceal drugs.

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