Zemmour: France will die from excessive immigration

French Minister Delegate for Gender Equality, Élisabeth Moreno and presidential candidate Éric Zemmour. (source: Youtube)
By Dénes Albert
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The Great Replacement is a reality and because of it, excessive immigration could lead to the death of France, one of its presidential candidates, Éric Zemmour, has claimed.

Zemmour made the remarks during a heated exchange with the French Minister Delegate for Gender Equality, Élisabeth Moreno during a televised debate.

Moreno, who was born in Cape Verde, told viewers: “I was not born in this country. I arrived in France when I was seven years old, and I would like to tell you that no one leaves his country, no one leaves his family and friends to face the risk of dying in the Mediterranean… Let’s not forget where we came from and let’s not forget that by helping others we are making a service to our sovereign country.”

Zemmour responded by suggesting that if people do not leave their country of origin with a good heart, they should stay at home.

“I say to all these people: stay at home because we don’t need you and we don’t want any more of you as we are being invaded today and France will die from this excessive immigration,” the nationalist firebrand retorted. “As a result, the French do not want to take in more immigrants.”

His response was interrupted by the moderator of the debate who interjected to clarify that Zemmour’s view on the matter was not representative of all French citizens.

67 percent of the French are of the opinion that the Great Replacement is in process,” Zemmour hit back, for which government minister Moreno accused her opponent of scaremongering.

The Great Replacement is a term coined by French author Renaud Camus in his 2010 book “The Great Replacement,” in which he proposes the theory that indigenous French people and other Europeans are being demographically replaced by non-European peoples. 

“It is not me who makes people afraid: people are afraid and that is not the same thing,” Zemmour replied, adding: “I am not inciting fear, I am just the spokesman for these people as I am the only one not afraid to articulate their fears and point out the threat.”

Zemmour has on previous occasions referenced the Great Replacement.

“I think the anguish felt over the end of France as it was, the anguish of the Great Replacement, has become a global feeling,” said Zemmour. “The fear of no longer being France, the fear of the famous Great Replacement. A lot of people are starting to think that Islam is going to replace us. It has become a massive feeling, a mass of 70 to 80 percent of France.”

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