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Mohamed races ahead as most common boy name in Brussels last year

The name Mohamed was by far the most common forename to be…

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Demographic crisis: Newborn numbers in Romania drop to 90-year low

Professor of history Andrzej Nowak explains why the Saxon Palace was important…

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Immigration cannot replace family policy – commentary

Restaurants and hotels remain closed, but Hungary is taking steps to reopen

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Can Hungary’s pro-family policy help save Japan from demographic disaster?

If Viktor Orbán is striving for good relations with the new American…

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Hungary drops income tax for citizens under 25 to stop youth emigration

PM Rutte complained for years about so-called "rule-of-law" violations in Hungary. He…

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Future prime minister? Hungarian PM Orbán welcomes fifth grandchild

Poles in America want Biden to stop his attacks on Poland, pointing…

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Hungary already gears its pro-family economy towards more children, but what more can it do?

According to civil counter-intelligence, the men were associated with ISIS and were…

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Will ethnic French become a minority in their own country? Data shows 1-in-5 newborns in France have Arab-Muslim first names

The 6th season of Hungary's popular classical musical talent show will be…

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