Morawiecki’s Baltic tour: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia visited on Sunday border crisis Estonia Latvia Lithuania Mateusz Morawiecki Commentary Poland

Polish PM’s Baltic tour: Morawiecki visits Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Mateusz Morawiecki’s visit to Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia in less than a day opens up a new diplomatic offensive which is meant to strengthen European unity in face of an increasingly brutal forms of hybrid warfare and inhumane blackmail utilized by the governments of Russia and Belarus. This is the right move from Poland’s government. […]
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Silver Arrow 21 military exercises Latvia Estonia Latvia Lithuania Mariusz Błaszczak military exercise Silver arrow 21 News Poland

Silver Arrow 21: Military exercises in Latvia observed by defense ministers of Baltic states and Poland

Poland, Lithuania and Latvia have been affected by the same kind of hybrid attack from Belarus and must jointly respond to the threat, says the Polish defense minister

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