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NGOs are only part of Italy’s problem with illegal immigration

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s track record on illegal immigration does not look…

Olivier Bault Olivier Bault

Libya launches major crackdown on illegal migrants, detains 4,000 people

On Friday, Libyan authorities carried out a massive crackdown on migrants in…

Lucie Ctverakova Lucie Ctverakova

Fears in Europe grow as Turkey reportedly secures naval base in Libya for 99 years

Belarus is the final chance for Russia to maintain a strong foothold…

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78 migrants stuck on a boat in Mediterranean after EU countries refuse to open their ports

Larger companies will obtain loans easier thanks to the EU aid

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Despite coronavirus outbreak, German NGO ship begins searching for migrants off Libyan coast

PM Viktor Orbán says a decision will be made next Wednesday

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Austria and Hungary object to EU naval operation that could lure migrants to Europe

The main difference between the Czech Republic and Slovakia lies in the…

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Hungary will only accept EU mission that stops migration: FM Szijjártó

First completely new deposits found in Poland in over 40 years

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Foreign ministers of the V4 address Libya and Ukraine

The Chain Bridge, one of the Hungarian capital's best-known landmarks will don…

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Low expectations for Palermo conference

As a key challenge for the European Union, the Czech PM identified…

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