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Václav Klaus: Communism wasn’t defeated, it collapsed

"The fall of communism had a global character. Neither our students nor…

Lucie Ctverakova Lucie Ctverakova

It wasn’t just politics, the Velvet Revolution also influenced Czech gastronomy

The footage shows a tense atmosphere on Hong Kong's campus.

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V4 leaders honor victims of communism in Bratislava

The Czech House in Bratislava is finally opened.

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Czechs celebrate Velvet Revolution anniversary

The V4 PMs commemorated the Velvet Revolution anniversary.

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PM Orbán laments the West’s attacks on nation-states and Christian culture

The pre-Christmas sale is gaining popularity in Hungary

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Do Czechs and Slovaks understand each other?

Official decision to follow within a few months

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Shining bright: European landmarks to light up in Czech flag’s colors

Czech army will get a major upgrade.

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Klaus vs. Wałęsa: New world order or national sovereignty?

The Catholics want to thank Agnes of Bohemia for freedom.

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Czech pilgrims to arrive in Rome

Travel time between the cities set to reduce.

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V4 prime ministers to celebrate end of communism together

Half of Czechs celebrate St. Martin's Day on Nov. 11.

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Václav Klaus on the Velvet Revolution: Economists were ready, lawyers were not

Czechia imrpoves in EU happiness rankings.

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Last Czechoslovak prime minister passes away aged 78

Prices continue to rise but at a slower pace.

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2019 is full of important anniversaries

Reminding readers of several interviews from Peter Szijjartó with non-Hungarian media, Czech…

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