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WHO’s activity must not be ‘politicized’ as monkeypox threat grows, Hungary warns

At a time when the monkeypox virus is posing a serious risk…

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New WHO pandemic treaty may erode independence of sovereign nations

The appearance of SARS-CoV-2 led to the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring…

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Germany’s Scholz and Merkel falsely promised no vaccine mandates

As early as July 2021, former Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germany…

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WHO director-general praises Hungarian healthcare, cancer-fighting efforts

Hungarian healthcare can be a model for regional countries in Central Europe,…

Dénes Albert Dénes Albert

Merkel wants WHO to take the lead in approving vaccines

Relatives of drowned tourists demand €11.9 million in damages

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WHO may approve Sinopharm vaccine before end of April

Police are requesting for anyone with information about the attackers to come…

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Soros and Gates foundations are two of the biggest donors to the powerful Council of Europe – commentary

The sport versions of the ‘Beryl’ rifles are selling immediately whenever stocks…

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WHO failed in its response to the coronavirus pandemic, says PM Babiš in his UN speech

Křeček calls the immigrants the new Frenchmen

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WHO warns Czechia about worsening COVID-19 situation

PM Babiš talks about migration, the EU, and China

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