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Poll: Huge majority in support of actions by Polish border guards

Back in 2021, the Belarusian government actively supported a wave of migrants…

Grzegorz Adamczyk Grzegorz Adamczyk

88 percent of Japanese support government’s strict border controls

The vast majority of the Japanese public is generally supportive of its…

Karolina Klaskova Karolina Klaskova

Czechia, as well as Germany, mulls restoring border controls due to migration

If necessary, the Czech Republic would be ready to introduce border controls,…

Lucie Ctverakova Lucie Ctverakova

Greece completes wall near Turkish border to prevent influx of Afghan migrants

Greece has completed a 40-kilometer barrier system on the border with Turkey…

Karolina Klaskova Karolina Klaskova

Germany to put Czechia on list of high-risk COVID-19 areas

Historian Benjamin Stora wrote a report on colonization

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Germany hopes Czech Republic and Poland lift coronavirus border controls

The Hungarian police also prevented an additional 37 migrants from crossing the…

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PM Babiš: Czech borders with Austria and Slovakia might open in June

Poland wants to help farmers in new proposal sent to 26 heads…

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Coronavirus: Czechia wants to extend its state of emergency until May 11

Calls emergency procedures "morally unacceptable"

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Czechia prepares to reintroduce border checks

Doghouses with a Scandinavian design sell for €900 apiece.

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Seehofer: Border inspections could return at the border with the Czech Republic

Two-thirds of Czechs fear refugees who may settle in the Czech Republic.…

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Austria to extend border controls for another six months

“Chairman Jarek is telling me that I’m harming Mateusz,” says Kornel Morawiecki.…

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