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Czechia is facing larger migrant crisis than in 2015

Czech police called an extraordinary press conference on Tuesday morning regarding controls…

48% of criminal acts in Paris are committed by foreigners, 55% in Marseille, says France’s interior minister

Underlining the enormous role foreigners play in France's crime wave, the country's…

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Czechia wants to introduce time-limited accommodation for war refugees

According to official statistics, roughly 300,000 Ukrainians fleeing Russian aggression found a…

Former Danish immigration minister sentenced to prison over her immigration policies

Former Danish Immigration and Integration Minister Inger Stöjberg was sentenced to 60…

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Poland goes from emigration to immigration country

Quelling the crisis on the border, which will hopefully happen, does not…

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The UK wanted to push migrants back, compelling France to cooperate

In recent weeks, the number of people trying to get on boats…

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Only 19% of migrants ordered to leave the EU actually go home: report

The European Union has considerable shortcomings when it comes to cooperation with…

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‘White people are evil and racist,’ screams Somali migrant after attacking Swedish women

A Somali migrant is accused of attacking a large number of Swedish…

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Denmark wants to send asylum seekers to Africa

The diplomatic note will take effect on May 15

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Germany to address migration during its EU presidency, says Ambassador Israng

Czechia identifies eight safe non-EU countries

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Greece to build new migration centers despite citizen protests

82 percent of Poles see their country’s membership as something positive, the…

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German Greens want to allow 150 million “climate refugees” to live in the country

Czechia is ready to join the mission in the Sahel region

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Migration could decide European elections

The Government Research, Development and Innovation Council adopt Czech Innovation strategy 2019-2030.

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