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EU pushes to stamp out Polish constitution, assert power of EU courts over Polish law

Polish officials have reacted with considerable irritation to the European Commission’s decision…

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Hungary’s top court gives government wiggle room on immigration policy

On Friday, Hungary's Constitutional Court published its long-awaited decision concerning an unfavorable…

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Hungary must remain Hungarian, says speaker of the house

Despite the Somali man's asylum request being rejected and his violent history,…

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The pride of the Republic: the Polish constitution

Orbán, Salvini, Morawiecki have a vision for Europe

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Hungarian constitution spells out that the mother is a woman, and the father a man

Parliament also cuts the number of special rule situations to three and…

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The beginning of Putin’s era as president for life

The PM emphasized cooperation with opposition and overcoming the pandemic crisis

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Romanian constitutional crisis drags on

US Ambassador Georgette Mosbacher says that the EU finds it hard to…

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Twitter battle over Sigismund III Vasa in a “Constitution” t-shirt

Polish handballers cover Nord Stream 2 sponsor logos on their team jerseys.…

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In defense of the constitution

The USA will defend only those European countries that are important from…

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