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France: Teacher faced death threats for requesting student remove Islamic veil to sit exam

A teacher was subjected to death threats and accusations of Islamophobia after…

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Malaysia’s minister for women tells husbands to beat their ‘stubborn’ wives for ‘unruly’ behavior

A Malaysian government minister has been accused of normalizing domestic violence after…

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Liverpool suicide bomber had been refused asylum in UK six years before botched terrorist attack

A suicide bomber who killed himself in a botched terrorist attack outside…

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Terrorist investigation opened after British Conservative MP stabbed to death by Somali Muslim migrant

A Somali U.K. passport-holder who’s believed to have stabbed Conservative MP Sir…

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France will close six mosques due to spread of radical Islam

France has announced that it is about to close six mosques and…

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‘I’m not going to stay alive’ – French lesbian teenager targeted by Islamists fears for her future

No more "ever closer union", PM Orbán asserts in his vision of…

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Massive mosque in France sparks worry over influence of ‘political Islam’

Charles University asked to be removed from the list

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Map of Islam project leads to controversy and death threats in Austria

A series of agreements for cooperation in many areas between Poland and…

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Islamists threaten to kill another teacher

Three Syrian brothers are in custody

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France: Law against Islamism is designed to fight a ‘pernicious ideology’

Its goal is to strengthen "republican principles"

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France will inspect 76 mosques suspected of separatism

18 mosques could be closed soon

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14-year-old student threatens to cut off teacher’s head in France ‘as they did to Paty’

Terrorist threat level in Hungary remains unchanged despite Islamic terror attacks in…

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Political Islam to be designated a crime in Austria

She served in multinational forces operating in the area

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10-year-old Muslim children arrested in France for supporting the beheading of Samuel Paty

The gap between Muslims and other French people is growing

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