Fewer Poles are living abroad

The main reason is the favorable Polish job market.

What do Germans really think about Poles?

Young Germans are not educated in German-Polish history.

Poland protests Nazi death camp map inaccuracy in Netflix show

Netfilx is "closely looking into the case".

Nord Stream 2: symbol of a marginalized Central Europe

Russia is getting its way with Nord Stream 2.

Macron is stealing Europe from Merkel

Macron sees his chance to seize Europe.

Poll: Czechs are more satisfied with their lives than Germans

Czechia imrpoves in EU happiness rankings.

Berlin Wall anniversary highlights fresh fault lines

French President Emmanuel Macron has called NATO 'brain dead'.

Hungary and Germany remain strategic partners despite differences

Economic relations between Hungary and Germany remain strong.

Brits take their cue from Poland and open a new coal mine

Shock! A new coal mine will soon be open in England!

Critics rage over Poland's new coal power plants, silent on Germany's

Are German coal power plants more eco than Polish ones?

Is Berlin ready for a memorial to Polish victims of Nazi crimes?

Germans see themselves as Europe’s great teachers.

Huge loss for Merkel as right-wing AfD scores big in German elections

Merkel's CDU defeated in regional elections.

US general outlines how Europe can counter Russia

The Visegard nations point the way to better cooperation.

Poland and Germany can be allies on migration

Obligatory migrant quotas are a "dead idea".

Hungarian military development goes the German way

Germany main partner in the development of its armed forces

German revisionism of WW2 history or Nazis from Space

Germany is altering the world’s consciousness concerning certain events from the Second World War to place blame on the “Nazis” and not “Germans”, writes Tomasz Łysiak.

France to oppose NS2

France is set to vote against Nord Steam 2, claims Sueddeutche Zeitung, basing its information on anonymous sources from within the French government. On Friday the ambassadors of EU states in Brussels will vote on an amendment to the EU gas directive to halt NS2 construction.

Czech Republic to lead EU electronic warfare project

The Czech Republic will lead an electronic warfare capability project, which aims to train experts and establish an electronic warfare unit. The project will be implemented under the European Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO). According to the Czech Defense Ministry, Germany is going to join the project, while another five states have applied to observe it.