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German bank chief fears wave of bankruptcies as Ukraine war drags on

A wave of bankruptcies could hit Europe’s biggest economy due to rising energy and resource prices following sanctions on Russia, said the chairman of Germany’s Commerzbank’s managing board, Manfred Knof. “The energy supply in Germany is at risk, supply chains are breaking down, we have high inflation,” explained Knof in his previously published speech at […]
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Ukraine in the EU would fulfill Polish dream

Accession of Ukraine into the EU would mark the fulfillment of Poland’s long-term geopolitical goal of creating a Central and Eastern European counterweight to Germany and Russia, writes Mateusz Kosiński

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Polish MEP lashes out at pro-Russian Germany and France, accuses Brussels of failing to support Poland’s humanitarian efforts

Law and Justice (PiS) MEP Jacek Saryusz-Wolski claims the lack of funds available for Poland from the European Commission for helping Ukrainian refugees is the latest attack on the country

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Germany using mass surveillance and censorship to crush political opposition

Germany claims it is a liberal democracy, but the nation uses surveillance against its political opposition, is looking to ban free speech platforms, and conducts police raids against citizens for what should be protected speech

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