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Mediterranean countries expect new migrant crisis over food shortages from conflict in Ukraine

Mediterranean countries are expecting to receive more than 150,000 migrants across the…

Asylum applications on the rise: 68% increase in first quarter of 2022

Europe has seen a dramatic increase in asylum applications in the first…

Karolina Klaskova Karolina Klaskova

Record number of underage African migrants arrived in Italy last year

The number of migrants arriving on Italian shores from Tunisia last year…

Karolina Klaskova Karolina Klaskova

German Sea-Eye ship with 800 migrants on board docks in Sicily

The ship of the German Sea-Eye non-profit organization docked in the Sicilian…

Lucie Ctverakova Lucie Ctverakova

NGOs spend weekend rescuing 600 migrants at sea

On Sunday night, NGO ships assisted a vessel containing 400 migrants in…

Karolina Klaskova Karolina Klaskova

Migration is intensifying again, warns Frontex

Last year, coronavirus froze not only ordinary travel in Europe but illegal…

Lucie Ctverakova Lucie Ctverakova

The number of migrants who drowned on their way to Europe has doubled this year

The number of migrants who died at sea trying to get to…

Lucie Ctverakova Lucie Ctverakova

Ocean Viking carrying 570 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean is waiting for permission to land

Maassen suggests testing the "character traits" of editors

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Did the EU illegally drive away 40,000 migrants during the pandemic?

The unit should intervene in international crisis

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Southern European countries want migration quotas back

The politician stated personal issues as the main reason

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Italy: More details emerge about NGOs accused of collaborating with human smugglers

Germany's CDU and Green parties are partaking in an aggressive campaign to…

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Spain: Eight times more migrants arrived on Canary Islands last year compared to 2019

The Kurier newspaper determined through phone records that most of the people…

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Mediterranean countries insist on involving other EU states to take care of refugees

They are afraid of further bearing the migratory burden

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Italy: Hundreds of migrants from Sea-Watch 4 ship land in Palermo as NGO prepares for launch larger ship

50 percent of people trust the EU, while 45 percent do not

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Tensions in the Mediterranean rise as France and Italy join Greek military exercise

Attracting foreign investments and focusing on trade relations are top priorities for…

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Italy permits docking of Ocean Viking over dangerous migrants

Freedom cannot exist without responsibility, says Duka

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Two NGO ships with nearly 280 migrants arrive in Sicily as migration wave to Europe grows

"The [European Parliament] resolution clearly seeks to influence the outcome of audit…

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Italy: Salvini warns that 20,000 migrants in Libya are preparing to cross the Mediterranean to Europe

HBO says it will remove Oscar-winning 'Gone with the Wind' as history…

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78 migrants stuck on a boat in Mediterranean after EU countries refuse to open their ports

Larger companies will obtain loans easier thanks to the EU aid

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Despite coronavirus outbreak, German NGO ship begins searching for migrants off Libyan coast

PM Viktor Orbán says a decision will be made next Wednesday

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