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Canada’s woke authoritarianism results in censoring of ISIS sex-slave survivor and Nobel Prize winner

Where a Justin Trudeau-style of enforced progressivism can lead to could best be demonstrated by the recent decision of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) to ban a book discussion by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nadia Murad. She was awarded the prestigious prize in 2018 for speaking out on behalf of Yazidi sex-slaves kidnapped in […]
Afghanistan Islamic State Terrorist attack United States News
7M AGOAfghanistan Islamic State Terrorist attack United States News

Following Biden’s failure in Afghanistan, Pentagon reports Afghan Islamic State branch could attack US in 6 months

Although the Taliban is determined to go after ISIS-K, there are doubts it could take effective action, which means the US could be in the crosshairs of terrorists in just a matter of six months, according to the Pentagon

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Evacuations Islamic State Kabul Airport Suicide Bombings US Afghanistan News
9M AGOEvacuations Islamic State Kabul Airport Suicide Bombings US Afghanistan News

Bloodbath at Kabul Airport: 70 dead, including 13 US troops; 150 wounded in ISIS bombings

At least 70 people, including a dozen U.S. service members, were killed on Thursday when Islamic State militants detonated two bombs that ripped through crowds outside of the American-controlled airport in Kabul, Pentagon officials said.

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