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Germany: The CDU could still end up ruling the country as coalition negotiations continue

We have not won the German parliamentary elections, but we still have…

Karolina Klaskova Karolina Klaskova

Germany: CDU/CSU invites Greens and Liberals to negotiate a coalition

Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Christian Social Union (CSU) leaders Armin Laschet…

Karolina Klaskova Karolina Klaskova

Germany: Trained left-wing activists were put in TV debate to ‘finish off’ Armin Laschet

During a televised debate on German public television last week in the…

John Cody John Cody

CDU/CSU in trouble, as only 23% of Germans would vote for the party

Angela Merkel's presumed successor in the post of German Chancellor, Armin Laschet,…

Karolina Klaskova Karolina Klaskova

Opinion: German chancellor candidate is aware of Poland’s value to Germany

What has just happened is most definitely an invitation for dialogue with…

Grzegorz Adamczyk Grzegorz Adamczyk

Afghan felons should be expelled from Germany, conservative chancellor candidate says

Afghan immigrants who committed crimes should be expelled from Germany, according to…

Dénes Albert Dénes Albert

Candidate for German chancellor laughs at the site of epic disaster

Armin Laschet, minister-president of North Rhine-Westphalia, made a faux pas at a…

Karolina Klaskova Karolina Klaskova

The Greens are planning to rob Germans of their freedom – commentary

Le Pen will temporarily hand over leadership to Bardella

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Merkel’s successor claims Czechia, Poland and Hungary must ‘return to Europe’

Polish export remains one of the most important motors for the country’s…

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The end of Merkel’s epoch

Jagiellonian University professor and writer Andrzej Nowak believes that Poland, together with…

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Green Party election victory could alter German-Hungarian relations

At the same meeting, Manfred Weber continued his denunciations of Hungary's Fidesz

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Germany’s CDU/CSU deadlocked over who should be chancellor candidate

The Hungarians still in the country may remain as they are under…

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German regional election defeats shake Merkel’s CDU

Could a free press die under a left-wing Hungarian government? One party's…

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Storm clouds lie ahead for Germany’s new CDU leader

The countries that make up the Visegrád Four alliance have seen their…

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Tusk’s pathetic homage to CDU and Germany

Is this the end of the controversial Russian-German pipe?

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New CDU leader Laschet: EU needs both Hungary and Poland

Hungary plans to possibly issue sanctions over 'unfair commercial practices' from Big…

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Moscow likely pleased with German CDU’s choice of Laschet as party leader

Ten Nepalese climbers achieve the first ever successful winter ascent to the…

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Merkel era set to continue without Merkel

Following the Polish example, PM Viktor Orbán announced that Hungary is dropping…

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