European Union
PM Orbán: Europe is in retreat

Continent worse off now than it was 30 years ago

'Europe Uncensored' meant to foster dialogue, Bellamy says

Divisions often based on misunderstanding, poor information

Hungary's House Speaker: Current global economic model unsustainable

Hungarians trust political institutions more than most

Commentary: All Hungary wants is a fair EU recovery package

The recovery plan remains unfair

PM Orbán: Hungary will not open its borders to non-EU citizens except Serbia

The health and safety of the population is paramount

EU recovery package does not reward responsible economic policies

Member states with good finances likely to receive less

Merkel faces enormous task, but has proven track record

German Chancellor must hammer out several key deals

Hungarian scholar says success of German-French axis is nowhere near guaranteed

Time is short for recovery package and seven-year budget

Hungarian Ambassador Kovács: Soviet flag waving in Brussels is an insult to all who suffered the horrors of communism

In an interview with Remix News, Ambassador to Hungary in Brussels Tamás Iván Kovács stated that the Soviet flag is a symbol of a "brutal and murderous" dictatorship that is no better than a Nazi flag

Merkel to present Germany's coronavirus action plan with an eye on her legacy

After 15 years at the helm, Merkel is now looking for her place in history

The EU's leadership is too white, claim two black MEPs

The MEPs accuse the EU of systematic racism in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, and the rapid spread of Black Lives Matter to Europe

Hungary is target of rule of law attacks now but any nation could be next, warns Justice Minister Varga

In an op-ed, Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga says 'orchestrated political offensive' is being waged against Hungary

Hungary's PM Orbán says Western Europe pursues 'liberal imperialism'

Top EU court's ruling against Hungary's NGO law, designed to increase transparency about foreign funding of NGOs, is just another example of the West's campaign against conservative countries

EU blocks wage increase for Hungarian postal workers

Many aren't aware, but the European Commission controls how much Hungarian postal workers can be paid

European integration is dominated by informal decisions instead of legal frameworks

While legal frameworks should in theory guide European integration, many decisions are made informally and outside the scope of treaties, argues Hungarian political scientist Kálmán Pócza

Hungarian government: EU is waging a systemic fight against border defense

A question concerning migration in Hungary's National Consultation questionnaire is being attacked by the European Commission

EU should stay out of US presidential election, says Hungarian FM Szijjártó

Brussels should not criticize U.S. foreign policy, says Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó

Frontex: Illegal migration to EU sees dramatic jump in May, Balkans route rises tenfold

The Balkans migrant route saw a dramatic increase but the numbers along all routes are rising