European Union
Hungarian justice minister on the rule of law

Rule of law has no objective criteria.

Europe is not the master of its destiny: French MEP

European foreign policy failures.

Visegrád Four migration stance gains more supporters

New European rules expected by next summer.

European migration policy at a crossroads

Migration policy tops the agenda in several EU countries.

The EU must strengthen its position in NATO

Czechia rejects Macron's claim NATO is "brain dead".

Macron is stealing Europe from Merkel

Macron sees his chance to seize Europe.

PM Babiš discusses the future of Europe with Luxembourg counterpart

The future of Europe is at stake over cohesion funds and migration.

Hungarian government abandons foreign language requirement for university entry

Most advocacy groups backed out of demanding language requirements.

Europe bets on soft power but it doesn't work

Can Europe survive by relying on its progressive form of soft power?

Czech PM: The New York Times publishes biased attacks against V4 countries

Babiš takes on The New York Times.

V4 prime ministers continue push for Balkan states to join the EU

Will Albania and North Macedonia ever join the EU?

EU member states gather in Prague for budget discussions

Can the EU stay cohesive?

EU leader nominates Hungary's commissioner candidate, rejects Romania's

Ursula von der Leyen names Hungarian commissioner candidate.

The West is still losing the war with Islamists

The West's losing battle with Islamists.

Ditch the switch? Czechs want to get rid of seasonal clock changes: Poll

Czechs want to stop changing their clocks twice a year.

Breaking Erdogan's grip on Europe

Erdogan's never-ending threat to flood Europe with refugees.

Working with the EU is the V4's main benefit: survey

Czechs say a combined V4 is vital for working with the EU.

EU budget plan unacceptable to Hungary

Finnish presidency's proposal won't fly, says Minister Varga