Stop Airbnb: Activists protest in the center of Prague

Prague locals shared their grievances over Airbnb

Prague 7 district lands on Guardian's top 10 coolest neighborhoods

Holešovice are in the top ten coolest neighborhoods in all of Czechia

Prague's mayor plans to rename square after murdered Russian journalist

The square will bear the name of Boris Nemtsov

First-ever Comic-Con Prague attracts 23,000 visitors

The event was unexpectedly successful

Prague proposes stricter policy on Airbnb

Prague wants to strengthen the rights of apartment owners

Prague to sign partnership agreement with Vienna

Both cities declared cooperation in 13 areas

Chinese airlines to halt Prague-Beijing flights

It is not clear whether this is a political decision

Prague signs partnership agreement with Taipei in another blow to China

Shanghai reacts by suspending all official contact with Prague

Three Kings journey through center of Prague

People joined the parade marking the end of Christmas

Last year was Prague's second warmest in 245 years

The average temperature was 12.6 degrees Celsius

Prague ditches fireworks for New Year's as it turns to projections

Children are the future of Prague

Prague Zoo saw a record number of visitors in 2019

Close to 1.5 million people visited the Prague Zoo in 2019

The first gorilla born in Prague celebrates its 15th birthday

Moja is still a favorite of the public

V4 capitals to strengthen cooperation

Mayors of V4 capitals will sign the pact of 'free cities'.

Number of tourists in Prague is on the rise

Prague attracted more than 9 million tourists in 2019

Prague lights up its Christmas tree

Prague's Christmas tree features angel theme

Prague's quality of life better than New York and London

The quality of life in Prague surpasses London and New York.

PM Orbán: New EU budget is unfair

Poor regions hardest hit by new EU budget.