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Austrian chancellor defends Hungary, Poland in rule of law debate

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz defended Hungary and Poland in the EU rule-of-law debate. “It is wrong to always talk only about Hungary and Poland,” Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz told the Austrian online media group Funke Media Group and the French daily Ouest-France. The Austrian Chancellor called for a fairer attitude towards Hungary and Poland in […]
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Opinion: UN migration pact in trouble

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced that his country will not sign the UN migration pact and the Czechs may well make a similar announcement this week – the pact looks more and more shaky, Magyar Hírlap columnist Ottó Nagy writes.

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Kurz’s Austria could be the pillar of a new European structure

The solution to the migration problem begins with guarding the borders. This is clear for a majority of the European population, however the Berlin-Brussels axis is unable to see it for what it is, claims Jan Koukal, former Czech ambassador to Austria

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