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Czechia: Political rivals Babiš and Fiala join forces to support vaccination initiative

Outgoing Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and new Prime Minister Petr Fiala are jointly supporting the initiative “Let’s vaccinate a million people with a booster dose in a week and help our paramedics.” According to Babiš, the project aims to help hospitals and vaccination centers deal with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The initiative wants more doctors […]
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Will Czechia’s new government abandon Hungary and Poland?

How far is Petr Fiala willing to go in re-orienting his country to the West, especially on the ideological core issues such as mass migration promoted by the EU?

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Czech parties seek coalition agreement, but gay marriage and euro adoption are sticking points

Gay marriage, adoption of the euro currency, and how ministries will be divided all remain contentious issues between the parties seeking to form a coalition government in Czechia

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