Czech defense ministry approves the purchase of US helicopters

Czech army will get a major upgrade.

Czech General Staff marks 100th anniversary

Zeman and Babiš support investment in Czech military

Czechia to support Libyan Coast Guard

The Czech Defense Ministry to provide financial support to Libyan Coast Guard

US presence in Poland imminent

President Andrzej Duda and VP Mike Pence met and discussed increasing US military presence in Poland, energy security and the threats posed by China.

Poland is buying US rocket system

Poland’s government will purchase 20 HIMARS artillery rocket systems from the United States for USD 414 million this Wednesday. The systems have a range of 300 km.

Russian tanks at the Polish border

Russian tanks have been spotted amassing at the Polish border in the Kaliningrad Region. According to Russian “Niezavisimaya Gazieta”, this move has been provoked by the recent meeting of the NATO-Russia Council in Brussels.

Black Hawks for Polish special forces

The Polish Ministry of National Defense has signed a deal to build new Black Hawk helicopters. Minister Mariusz Błaszczak explained that this is the first step in modernizing the Polish Air Force.

Polish and Lithuanian defense cooperation

The Polish Territorial Defense Forces (WOT) and the Lithuanian National Defense Volunteer Forces (KASP) have signed a training cooperation agreement. This is the first agreement between the Polish WOT and that of a different country.

European defense

Prof. Zdzisław Krasnodębski, the vice-president of the EP for Law and Justice (PIS) and the European Conservative Reformers urges Poland to do more to take advantage of opportunities provided by the European Defense Fund. Krasnodębski says that in defense Poland “must work on both fronts” - NATO and the EU.

US modernizing its nukes

By 2050, the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) aims to replace the entire arsenal with five new types of warheads.

Czech Republic to significantly increase military spending

Military spending is set to increase by nearly 10 percent annually in the next three years. In 2019, the Ministry of Defence should operate with 66.7 billion CZK, and in 2021 is expected to manage 85.3 billion CZK.

Poland and Romania targeted

In response to the US threatening to leave the INF treaty, Moscow has warned that they will target Poland and Romania. The US’ ultimatum comes from Russia not fulfilling the treaty’s commitments.

"Lampart '18" tested V4's military cooperation

Recent “Lampart '18” military maneuvers have been testing the cooperation of V4 forces. Military officers from all four countries declare the cooperation to be fruitful and underline the armies’ common identity.

France wants European army because its own is weak, claims Polish General

France’s army is too weak, therefore they want to establish a European army. General Roman Polko explains Emmanuel Macron’s motivations behind creating a European army as a force against Russia, China and surprisingly, the USA.

"A step forward" on Fort Trump

The US Congress and the Pentagon are considering an increase in US military presence in Poland. In a joint letter in “Rzeczpospolita”, ambassadors Georgette Mosbacher and Piotr Wilczek stressed that the Polish-American friendship has “worked out”.

Anakonda strikes again

The Polish armed forces hold their biggest annual exercises along with their allies. One of the exercises will be the freeing of a ferry from the hands of terrorists.

The army needs you!

The Polish army is having problems finding recruits. It needs to recruit tens of thousands of new soldiers in the coming years.

Poles are for "Fort Trump"

More than half of the Polish population are in favor of “Fort Trump” in Poland. According to a survey carried out by the Ministry of National Defense (MON), Poles believe that it would increase the country’s security.