Duda: The presence of US soldiers in Poland is a clear sign of friendship

Polish president says NATO plans to defend Poland are ready

Poland and US strengthen mutual cooperation during meeting between Duda and Trump

President Andrzej Duda and President Donald Trump discuss US troops, nuclear energy and Three Seas Initiative at White House meeting

VIDEO: New Polish military vehicle for paratroopers to be built by Polish firms

The new Aero 4x4 military cars will support Polish paratroopers in a variety of ways

Russian cyberattacks against Polish army intensify

Russian hackers have attacked the website of the Polish War Studies University to create disinformation around the Polish army

Trump thanks Poland for sending doctors to Chicago during phone call with Duda

The American and Polish presidents say the coronavirus crisis will only strengthen relations between the two countries

Czech Republic's military faces €108 million cut in coronavirus budget

Even small budget cuts might deal a mighty blow to the army

Czech Army temporarily withdraws from Iraq

It is not clear when will the soldiers return to Iraq.

Polish army will be used in coronavirus emergency

The Polish defense minister has decided that the army will aid the police in maintaining security and public order

UK and Belarus conduct joint military exercises

British and Belarusian troops are working together in military exercises in Belarus

Poland ranks close to the top in EU military spending

The Polish government spent over €8 billion on defense in 2018

Poland signs F-35 warplane deal, marking a major military milestone

A purchase of 32 F-35 fighters from the US gives Poland access to the world's most advanced warplane

Poland to sign F-35 deal with the US on Friday

The total cost of the planes will be $4.6 billion

Czech troops set to join terrorism fight in Africa

Czechia wants to join the fight against terrorism by serving in the EU's Sahel mission

Massive U.S.-European military operation starts next week

20,000 troops American troops are meant to reach NATO’s Eastern flank and Georgia this month

Czech soldiers stay in Iraq while Germans and Slovaks leave

All 42 Czech soldiers will remain in Iraq

Dozens of Czech soldiers could join the fight against terrorism in Africa

Czechia is ready to join the mission in the Sahel region

NATO satellite center is now operating in Czechia

SATCEN is exceptional both on the European and global level

Polish Army will be put to the test in 2020

Defender 20, NATO Response Force war games and training of reserve units