Even North Korea is not this crazy, says a refugee about the situation at a US university

"I realized I'm not free, America's not free," says Park

Spanish conservative professor suspended on Twitter for stating: "Men cannot get pregnant"

Professor of law and deputy of the Vox party Francisco José Contreras has been censored for 12 hours by Twitter for affirming a biological fact

YouTube restores Polish monastery's censored livestream of Catholic service

The church service reportedly violated copyright despite having all the rights to the music featured in the video

Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. donates €25 million to throttle free speech in Europe

Under the guise of combating fake news, left-wing organizations and 'woke' corporations have called for greater control on the spread of political ideas and speech

Conservative PM of Slovenia censored in European Parliament

"We have had enough censorship in former socialist Yugoslavia, and we don’t want to repeat history," wrote PM Janša

Mohammed removed from new Dutch translation of Dante's Inferno

The prophet's description was allegedly too contemptuous and risked hurting readers

Macron tries to silence non-conformist media in France, but French MSM only worries about lack of media pluralism in Hungary

Papers critical of mass immigration, unrestricted abortion, oppressive EU policies, and Macron's government are being threatened with bankruptcy, writes Olivier Bault

'Freedom ceased to exist in France a long time ago,' says French left-wing philosopher Michel Onfray

A major figure from France's left decries the lack of freedom present in modern-day France

The French government is trying to silence popular conservative commentator Éric Zemmour

Éric Zemmour, a critic of French President Emmanuel Macron, is being attacked by the Macron-backed Journalistic Ethics Council

Twitter censors police data on African migrant violence in Catalonia

The suspension of the Twitter account of Spanish conservative party Vox shows that the Left does not want to debate on equal terms, writes Małgorzata Wołczyk for Polish portal dorzeczy.pl

World Leaders slam US President Donald Trump’s social media ban

Mexico's leader referred to Mark Zuckerberg as "arroagant" and added “A court of censorship like the Inquisition to manage public opinion,” he said. “This is really serious.”

Trump has been outplayed by Big Tech along with the rest of us, says Polish expert

Politicians, including Polish ones, have been outplayed by tech lobbyists, believes media expert and head of the New Media Institute Eryk Mistewicz

Hundub: Hungary's new social media network wants to counter left-wing Twitter and Facebook

Is this the new Hungarian Facebook? Hundub debuts to counter censorship and provide an open forum for free speech

New Polish law could fine social media companies up to €2.2 million for censoring lawful speech

If passed, the new law will allow Poles to appeal to court in the case of unjust bans and censorship related to the removal of posts on social media

France's unique laws strangle press freedom and target conservatives

The left in France has openly used laws in the country to censor conservatives in the press and threaten journalists with fines and jail time, writes Oliver Bault

'Twitter threatens national security,' warns head of US Department of Homeland Security

Social network deleted a post regarding the US border wall last week

US: Google employee admits company manipulates search results in favor of Democrats in Project Veritas video

Videos from Project Veritas are revealing the extent of Big Tech censorship in the run-up to the Nov. 3 United States elections

Big tech censorship: Twitter suspends US Senate candidate Lauren Witzke over anti-mass migration comment

In another case of censorship, Twitter banned a US Senate candidate for her criticizing mass migration in Europe despite data supporting her assertion