One Russian-Hungarian summit per year, PM Orbán says

PM Orbán: Russia and Hungary plan to meet once a year.

Persecution of Christians?

Europe can be strong only if it sticks to its Christian roots and European nations to their identities, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó told Lidové noviny.

Szijjártó calls on the EU to proclaim its Christian roots

European politicians have to come forward and clearly state that Europe is a Christian continent, said Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó at the conference about the persecution of Christians.

Hedonism against PC

The Maastricht Empire is aggressive against the weak but bows before the strong, contemporary French philosopher Michel Onfray said in an interview with Mandiner.

There’s no freedom of speech when cartoonists are restricted

Political correctness is a situation where your political belief means more to you than facts and reality, lawyer and philosopher Paul Cliteur said in an interview with Aktuálně.cz.

"Kler" initiated a brutal invasion into Catholic life

The Left’s hypocrisy shows when they march into our lives in the same manner that they accuse the Church of doing so. As the movie Kler (“Clergy”) breaks a 30 year box office opening weekend record in Polish cinemas, Przemysław Harczuk uncovers how the left, in their struggle with the Church, invades Polish lives.

Church turned into a mosque in Germany

The first church has been turned into a mosque in Hamburg, Germany. Government officials and the ambassador of Kuwait will take part today in the opening ceremony of the mosque.

Hungary stuck between Christianity and Turanism

Hungary sees its identity as a bridge between the West and the East. Dominik Hejj discusses how using the ideology of Turanism by Viktor Orban fits into Hungary’s place in Europe.

The European spirit of solidarity

During the Council of the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe (CCEE), Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki not only underlined the importance of the Catholic Church in building the Polish community, but also its importance as a part of Polish-European solidarity.