PM Orbán: The 'liberal steamrollers' are once again at work against Hungary

Hungarian PM defends anti-pedophile law

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Hungary also ranks second among the Visegrád nations

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He who wants to dismantle interior borders must also reinforce the external ones

What can Hungary expect from the Biden-Putin summit?

What can Hungary expect from today's Biden-Putin meeting?

Hungary targets 5.2% GDP growth for next year

Parliament approves 2022 budget

Hungary's ruling conservative Fidesz maintains comfortable lead over opposition parties

Successful handling of the pandemic and economic reboot has kept the party's popularity high

Hungary plans to ban transgender and homosexual content targeted at minors

The Hungarian law comes during "Pride Month" and on the heels of a number of controversial videos promoting LGBTQ+ topics from the United States

Hungary, Turkey, and Pakistan may remain in Afghanistan

The three countries intend to protect Kabul airport

PM Orbán at NATO summit: The decade ahead will be one of epidemics and migration

Hungary reasserts itself on the map

Identifying the hidden networks of the global elite: commentary

The unofficial networks within legitimate institutions

Hungary more active in NATO than ever before

The country is also nearing the two percent budget demand

As repression of ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine grows, demands for indigenous people status increases

Ethnic Hungarians have been on the territory of present-day Ukraine for 1,100 years

PM Orbán meets World Jewish Congress leader in Budapest

Lauder came to Hungary for the opening of a synagogue

Hungarian national team refuses to kneel for BLM at Budapest match, Ireland takes the knee

Hungarian federation said beforehand no kneeling

Jerusalem rabbinical court rules in feud between Hungarian Jewish organizations

Reparations for confiscated Jewish property during WWII at stake

Exclusive: Hungarians still feel the tragedy of WWI treaty till this day, but Central Europe isn't listening to their concerns, says Polish documentary director

A Polish documentary filmmaker Mariusz Pilis spoke with Remix about his new project exploring the Trianon Treaty, which saw Hungary lose 71% of its territory at the end of WWI, a national tragedy that continues to affect Central Europe

Croatia's football team refuses to kneel for BLM during Euro 2020, backs Hungary's position

The Hungarian team was the first to announce their refusal to kneel