European Parliament
Czech government says the EP is interfering in its affairs over PM Babiš criticism

The EP disregards rules set by the EU, says the government

PM Babiš accuses European Parliament of putting pressure on Czech judiciary

"The [European Parliament] resolution clearly seeks to influence the outcome of audit processes within the EU," says PM Babiš

EU is doing bidding of socialists by targeting Hungary and Poland, says Polish MEP

MEP Czarnecki slams the report on the rule of law in Poland produced by the civil liberties (LIBE) committee of the European Parliament

Hungarian MEPs fight fake news in the EU Parliament

"The biggest fake-news campaign of the last ten years," wrote Fidesz MEP Ádám Kósa about attacks on Hungary's state of emergency law

Liberal Dutch MEP: Hungary should be 'condemned' even if country's coronavirus measures are lawful

Hungarian legislation is fully constitutional, writes Hungarian MEP Balázs Hidvéghi

Enough is enough! Poland needn't apologize for its handling of the coronavirus crisis

Professor Andrzej Nowak lambasts domestic and international opponents of the Polish government and tells it to hold its head up high

European Parliament prepares another attack on Poland and Hungary during coronavirus crisis

Despite the coronavirus crisis, four EP parties plan a resolution against Hungary and Poland

Polish opposition supports kicking out Hungary's Fidesz from center-right EPP

The Civic Platform (PO) has joined the appeal to exclude Fidesz from the European People’s Party (EPP)

Former Polish PM: Poland's judicial reforms are lawful under Polish constitution and EU treaties

Former Polish prime minister fiercely defended PiS judicial reforms in the European Parliament

Illegal immigration behind rising anti-Semitism: Hungarian MEP

Masses of Muslim immigrants are a threat to Europe's Jewish population

The actions of the Polish opposition in the European Parliament are worrying: opinion

A Croatian columnist is shocked by Polish opposition MEPs and their attacks against their own country

European Parliament president bans national flags on MEPs' desks

Removing national flags is nonsensical, say Czech MEPs

Polish politician to EU: We aren't on a German leash anymore!

"You people are ridiculous! You have a problem with Poland because we aren't on a German leash anymore!"

Pro-migration forces on the attack: EU passes resolution against Hungary and Poland

Poland, Hungary in the crosshairs of the EP

EU wants to block the Disciplinary Chamber of the Polish Supreme Court

PiS MEPs strongly oppose the EU authorities’ actions

EU is applying double standards to Hungary, says leading Italian politician

Italian politician Antonio Tajani defends Hungary in rule of law debate

Hungarian justice minister denounces EU rule of law debate

We reject double standards and political witch-hunts

Hungarian MEP: The EU should investigate real rule of law crimes instead of targeting Hungary

The European Parliament should tackle real issues