European Parliament
EU council and parliament agree on 2020 budget

Actual spending of €153.6 billion next year.

European Parliament attacks Poland over sexual education bill

How can you criticize the state for a bill project, which is a citizen one?!

Poland defends sexual education bill designed to protect against pedophilia

A bill designed to combat pedophilia meets opposition.

Is Klaus right?

Is ex-president Václav Klaus right when he says that the European Parliament is “mostly a dumping ground for second-rate politicians for which there are no sufficient roles at home”?

Waiting for the new parliament

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has canceled his speech at the European Parliament which was due in mid-January.

Leaders for European elections

Some of the parties represented in Parliament have already announced who will be their leader for the upcoming European elections.

EP criticizes German Jugendamt

The European Parliament (EP) has criticized the German child welfare agency Jugendamt. The accusation was over discrimination of non-German parents in the case of divorce between a transnational couple.

Babiš cancels European Parliament address

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš planned to deliver a speech at the European Parliament in Strasbourg in January. However, sources tell that it has been canceled.

Czech MPs officially condemn vote against Hungary

Czech MPs reject MEPs vote against Hungary. Resolution condemning the vote has been accepted during a debate on the European multiannual financial framework.

Euro election shadow play

Five years ago in the European elections the concept of “Spitzenkandidates” was presented as a democratic innovation. It created the illusion that the citizens are not voting for just a party but can directly affect the chief of the “European government".

Tőkés: I will not run for MEP next year

Calvinist Bishop László Tőkés announced he will not run for re-election to the European Parliament next year because the European People's Party has abandoned Christian Europe.

Orbán is in his element when fighting EU

The European opposition against Orbán has been growing and he might find himself without the EPP’s protection. On the other hand, it is a fight (ideally against someone) where Orbán is in his element.

When did you start preferring solidarity over security, Mr. Juncker?

For some the soon-to-be outgoing President is an arrogant elitist, an enemy even. But that’s not fair, there are much bigger problems, like the functioning of the European Commission and Parliament itself.  

Czech MPs stands on the side of Hungary

Radek Vondráček (ANO) has distanced himself from the vote of ANO MEPs on sanction proceedings with Hungary because of the alleged threat to EU values. MPs of the SPD and ODS also stand on the side of Hungary.

Poles and Hungarians stand closer together

The Polish opposition supporting the triggering of Article 7 against Hungary in the European Parliament (EP) is nothing to celebrate about. According to Krystyna Grzybowska, recent actions in the EP will finally make Hungarians and Poles stand closer together.

Why punish Hungary?

If dependent on Slovak MEPs, the Sargentini report would not be approved. Three members of the European Parliament were voting for the report while five voted against and a further five abstained.

The sanction process against Hungary is hypocritical

Would anyone mind if Orbán accepted migrants?

A "September letter" from Poles to Hungarians

A group of Polish conservative journalists published an open letter to Hungarians. In the “September letter“ the journalists support independent Hungarian politics and apologize for Polish politicians taking part in the smear campaign against Hungary in the EU Parliament.