Czech Republic
Zdechovský: Our conservative alliance wants to reform the EU

The Czech Christian Democrats have allied with smaller conservative parties for the European elections. It represents a better EU, which we want to reform and further develop, MEP Tomas Zdechovský told

Better mood on world markets

At the beginning of the year, Central European stock exchanges benefited from the overall better mood of investors on world markets.

8,000 Czech workers in Austria

Certain Czech families will suffer the consequences of the new Austrian legislation which regulates the system of child benefits.

Pompeo: Slovakia has never been as prosperous as it is now

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Slovakia during his tour of the region. Pompeo praised Slovakia’s development since 1989, namely its accession to NATO.

ANO would win a general election

ANO would win a general election in January, followed by the Pirates and Civic Democrats (ODS), according to the Kantar CZ election model released by the public Czech Television.

Let us not be deluded about the importance of the V4 for Germany

Chancellor Merkel's meeting with the prime ministers of the V4 countries raises the question of whether the Visegrad Group is as important for Germany as France.

Anti-European and pro-Russian

One of the myths (or fake news) spreading across the public space with the upcoming elections to the European Parliament is that the conservative right-wing parties are anti-European and pro-Russian. However, the reality is somewhat different.

Is Klaus right?

Is ex-president Václav Klaus right when he says that the European Parliament is “mostly a dumping ground for second-rate politicians for which there are no sufficient roles at home”?

Klaus: The EP is just a game for parliament

In an interview with Lidové noviny, former President Václav Klaus evaluated the elections to the European Parliament and the EU. Klaus also commented on Brexit, Donald Tusk and his meeting with Steve Bannon.

Miloš Zeman is the most trusted

For Czech citizens, President Miloš Zeman remains the most trusted Central European politician, according to a survey by the Center for Public Opinion Research (CVVM).

Babiš: Czechia cannot be Europe’s assembly plant forever

The Czech Republic has to support science, research, innovations, and digitalization if it doesn’t want to be Europe’s assembly plant, said Czech PM Andrej Babiš during his opening speech at the Digital Czechia 2019 conference.

Migration, Brexit and EU budget

German Chancellor Angela Merkel attended the V4 Prime Ministers’ summit in Bratislava. Merkel and the leaders of the Visegrad countries discussed migration, Brexit and the EU financial framework.

Babiš promised her re-nomination

Věra Jourová is likely to continue in her position as the Czech European Commissioner. As reported by Seznam, PM Andrej Babiš personally promised her re-nomination for the next five years.

Foreign Ministry to annul the list of top embassies

Minister of Foreign Affairs Tomáš Petříček continues his efforts to get along with President Miloš Zeman. He no longer wishes to remove the Czech embassy in Hungary from the list of key embassies.

Czech Foreign Minister to meet Mike Pompeo in the US

Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Tomáš Petříček is planning an official visit to the United States. He is due to meet with his American counterpart, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo. The two will discuss the possible reception of Czech PM Babiš at the White House.

No clear answers

A no-deal Brexit is now more likely than ever before, and it’s seemingly impossible to find any middle ground. But that’s how politics and the media are these days, drama to the very last minute with a sudden happy ending.

Czechia to build a center for orphans in Syria

The Czech Republic wants to build a center for 50 orphans in Syria and it will eventually extend that number. It will launch a special foundation for this purpose and will try to gain money from donors, PM Andrej Babiš (ANO) said after meeting Syrian Arab Red Crescent representatives.

12th among the EU28

Czech industrial production ranks 12th among the EU28 with a 2 percent share on the EU’s total production. Czech industrial production increased year-on-year by 3 percent, which remains above the EU average. It has grown for five consecutive years.