Poll: 6 in 10 French people in favor of a referendum to limit immigration

68% of young people aged 18 to 24 are in favor of the vote

15 Dutch mayors unite against 'parallel societies'

Mayors ask for €500 million rehabilitation plan and legislative changes

Migration costs France approximately €25 billion a year, many migrants remain unemployed even after years: academic

Only one third of migrants to France have found a job

Salvini continues push to establish European alliance of right-wing parties

Obsolete European thinking cannot handle emergencies

Europe is struggling

This week's EU summit showed how easily the EU's attention can be diverted

Once safe Sweden now has one of the highest deadly shooting rates in Europe

Violent crime is mostly concentrated to migrant-inhabited zones

EU should stop migration instead of promoting it, Justice Minister Varga says

Solidarity should not be used to cover up problems created by migration

Hungary, Poland, Czechia, and Slovakia establish family-friendly coalition

Demographic challenges must be met with family support, not migration

Let's stop immigration to France, suggests Michel Barnier

Says if France starts, other EU countries will follow

Italy: Salvini asks PM Draghi to act as migrants flood Lampedusa again

13,000 migrants have landed ion the island this year

'It is about the survival of our country' – French soldiers publish second open letter warning of civil war

Fears grow in Macron's government that he is losing support of the military

France is edging toward civil war, says constitutional scholar

The onset of civil war is only a matter of time

Migration pressure keeps mounting in Italy

800 migrants arrived to Lampedusa last week alone

French defense minister threatens generals who warn of civil war

Macron's government seen as incapable to handle the country's security crisis

Zemmour: Immigration is linked to jihadism, and those claiming otherwise are taking people for fools

Following the fatal stabbing of a French policewoman by a Tunisian migrant, a debate is raging over the link between immigration and jihadism

Denmark: Foreigners drastically overrepresented in rising number of rape convictions

Denmark's justice minister also addressed the outsized role migrants play in sexual assaults and other crimes

Convicted police killer allowed to return to Germany, leaving Berlin police furious

The Lebanese man killed a police officer in 2003, yet he still made his way back to Berlin

Sweden plans to toughen immigration rules

Residence to be conditional on command of the Swedish language and sufficient earnings