Despite attacks on Hungarians, German Charlemagne Prize board upholds award to Romanian President Iohannis

The German prize board Sees "no reason to revise the decision", despite Iohannis' anti-Hungarian attacks

Bucharest is simply afraid of Hungarians

President Iohannis' party is building a political strategy on anti-Hungarian sentiment, writes Magyar Nemzet columnist István Pataky

Hungarian rail to restart international trains by the end of the month

Currently, trains only run to Austria and Germany, but Hungary wants to expand international travel

Romania joins Hungary in banning gender studies

A number of Central European countries are increasingly bucking the Western European trend on gender ideology and LGBT issues

Romania: Criminals rob an elite organized crime police unit in Bucharest

A fight that broke out between the two suspects over dividing their stolen goods led to their eventual arrest

Ethnic Hungarian minority sues Romanian academic after warning of "Hungaro-virus" in Transylvania

An organization representing Romania's ethnic Hungarian minority says the term amounted to a defamation

Facebook censors Franciscan monk on Trianon and its impact on ethnic Hungarians

The monk also shared his thoughts on the U.S. riots related to the death of George Floyd

Hungarian police: 300 illegal migrants tried to cross border over the weekend

Most migrants trying to enter Hungary came through Serbian and Romania borders

PM Orbán marks Trianon Treaty anniversary with photo montage of ethnic Hungarians

The First World War's Trianon Treaty may have been a disaster for the Hungarian nation, but modern Hungary seeks to replace mourning with pride

EU will not solve the problems of ethnic minorities: Hungarian researcher

The Trianon Treaty anniversary, which saw Hungary lose 72 percent of its territory following the end of WWI, makes the issue of ethnic minorities topical again

Hungary makes movie about massive loss of territory after WWI and historic speech of Count Apponyi

The film mark the 100th anniversary of the Trianon Treaty, which saw Hungary lose 72% of its territory following World War I

Hungarian foreign minister visits Romania to defuse mounting tensions

Romania recently made a national holiday out of a World War I treaty that saw Hungary loses 72 percent of its territory.

Romania asks Poland for help navigating the coronavirus crisis

Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki offers economic advice

Hungary reopens all border crossings with Romania to avoid congestion

Eight-hour queues over the past weekend

Romania fines president, German town hands him European award

President fined for ethnic slur, discrimination

Romanian president unfit for Charlemagne Prize over his attacks against Hungarian minority

Romania's president failed to stand up for minorities in his own country, says Zoltán Lomniczi, president of Hungary's Council of Human Dignity

Tensions rising: Romania declares WWI treaty anniversary that saw Hungary lose 72% of its territory a national holiday

Romania's Hungarian minority is fearful over growing Romanian nationalism

Coronavirus has flipped mass migration around for Eastern Europe as millions return home

Millions of Eastern European citizens are returning to their home countries from Western and Southern Europe due to the coronavirus outbreak